NBA Playoffs – Why won’t this next chapter of the Heat-Celtics disappoint us

There are few in the NBA who dislike each other more than Boston Celtics president Danny Ang and Miami Heat president Pat Riley – and this has been going on for four decades.

They hated each other in the 1980s, when Alling Riley had a guard for the Celtics in the final against the Los Angeles Makers.

They hated each other in the 1990s, when Anger was playing for the Phoenix Suns and Riley was coaching the New York Knicks and they were both involved in a feud. Ang and Riley end up on the deck, Riley rips off his pants. This led to a record 21 players being fined or suspended.

Since 2003, when Anging was named the Celtic president of basketball operations, they have hated each other since 1995 with Riley in charge of the Heat as rival officials.

They have been to the period several times, most notably in 2013 when Engage criticized LeBron James on a radio show and Riley issued a formal statement which wrote:

“Danny Anging needs to shut down and manage his team. He was the biggest whirlpool when he was playing and I know that because I was the coach against him.”

Anger’s response: “I don’t care about Pat Riley. He can say whatever he wants. I don’t want to mess up his Armani suit and all that hair. That would be too expensive for me.”

Paul Pearce said he was happy to take his talents to South Beach when Celtic won the first meeting between rival big trees. Udnis stated that Pierce was a “studio gangster”.

The Celtics won the 2010 playoff meet. Won The Heat in 2011. In 2012, the Heat won a seven-game classic in the conference finals.

Riley signed Ray Allen away from Ang. Engel defeated Riley upon signing Gordon Hayward.

Now a new chapter. There are new faces – well, except Haslem – on the court. The new styles are – if there were 21-player disputes today, Congress could investigate – being employed.

But this Eastern Conference Finals series is still the Heat-Celtics. And that means it is relay-aging. This is his team, with his character and carrying on his legacy.

It almost doesn’t disappoint us.

– Brian Windhorst

Series schedule

Game 1, September 15: Heat on celtics | TBD on ESPN
Game 2, September 17: Heat on celtics | TBD on ESPN
Game 3, September 19: Celtic on Heat | 8:30 pm on ESPN
Game 4, TBD: Celtic on Heat | TBD on ESPN
Game 5, TBD (if necessary): Heat on celtics | TBD on ESPN
Game 6, TBD (if necessary): Celtic on Heat | TBD on ESPN
Game 7, TBD (if necessary): Heat on celtics | TBD on ESPN

How did the celtics get here

the basics

  • 2019-20 record: 48-24 overall

  • Aggressive Rating: 112.8 (fourth) | Playoffs: 111.2 (seventh)

  • Defensive Rating: 106.5 (4th) | Playoffs: 102.7 (first)

Playoff result

The Celtics come into the Florida bubble with high expectations, and they live near them. Boston has been very good since coming to Orlando – largely due to a return to health by Kemba Walker. The guard dealt with knee issues for the final two months of the season before being suspended in March, and then when the team reorganized in Boston in June, Walker was back to his normal self during the playoffs, flying around. Lived and was making a variety of impressive changes that made him a star with Charlotte.

Boston also managed to overcome the loss of Gordon Hayward, who suffered a Grade 3 ankle sprain in the team’s first playoff game against the 76ers. The Celtics also survived a seven-on-seven clash with the reigning champion Raptors, as Boston had lost to Hearty in games 3 and 6 – largely after knocking them out – for the third time in four seasons in the Eastern Conference. To make it to the finals. Now, Boston is four wins away from its first trip to the NBA Finals in a decade.

– Tim Bontemps

How did summer get here

the basics

  • 2019-20 record: 44-29 overall

  • Aggressive Rating: 111.9 (seventh) | Playoffs: 112.9 (fifth)

  • Defensive Rating: 109.3 (12th) | Playoffs: 105.4 (4th)

Playoff result

Heat is a favorite object of a bubble. They believed in the resume that their organizational culture gave them a big lift in terms of being prepared for the mental challenges that came with being away from family and friends for so long – and they were right.

Heat Lay’s businessman approach as a team is shining brightly on the floor. After the Indiana Pacers were eliminated in the first round, the Heat dominated the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks in five games. It was one of the most influential series by a Dalit in recent memory, and was led by Jimmy Butler.

During the playoffs, the Heat have received an up-and-down contribution to the roster from veterans such as Goran Dragic and young inter-creators Bam Adebayo and Tyler Harrow. The most memorable moment ever, came in Game 2, as Bucks star Giannis Antetokonampo fouled Butler when time expired and Butler moved to the line – players from both teams watched helplessly from the other side of the floor – And made two free throws to win the game. Turning the Bucks’ heat out to 40-13 – Butler outscored the Bucks by themselves 17-13 – is a close second to come back in the fourth quarter and win Game 3.

– Nick Friedl

Key to the series: How will Boston handle surviving Miami 3?

Here’s a wild statue: The Celtics have ranked in the top six in opponent 3 point percentage every season for the past decade. And whether or not this series can come down, Boston’s historically great 3-point defense could slow down Duncan Robinson and one of the best shooting organizations in the NBA.

During the regular season, Boston finished second in the NBA, allowing 3% of its opponents to find the 3s under the net, and the Celtics have also been stingiers in this postseason in the first two rounds, with the Toronto Rappers holding and The Philadelphia 76ers to a combined 29.2% from the city.

But here’s the thing, the Heat are not Sixers. Miami is one of the best 3-point shooting teams in the NBA, ranking second in the league in 3-point percentage this season, and the former most accurate 3-point shooting team through the first two rounds of these playoffs is .

While Adebayo was supposed to win the league’s best player award this season, his teammate Robinson also exploded onto the scene, logging one of the best obscure catches and shoot seasons to catch one of them. Relatives have come out of ambiguity for.

Robinson made more than 46% in 513 catches and shoot 3s this season. Here’s a list of NBA history shooters who have made over 45% in at least 500 catch-and-shoot 3s in a single season: Duncan Robinson. Bus.

No Kellal Thompson. No Ray Allen. No Stephen Curry. Only one closer is Thompson, who has attempted 500 catch-and-shoot triples in two seasons, but never hit more than 43.6% in a season. Robinson is a special talent.

Like Thompson, Robinson can warm up and change the game — and the series results – with his jumpers, but one reason Boston has put up 3 defensive defensive points is because Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart are one-. The other has its edges. Defenders are able to close and counter shots.

If the regular season is a reasonable sign, Boston should be convinced here – Miami has made just 32% of its 3% in the three matches that the teams featured in this series.

– Cancer Goldsberry

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Key to the series: how the foul can decide the pre-finals

I will keep a close watch on how many trips the Heat make to the free throw line in this series. In terms of the four factors of basketball success, the Celtics’ greatest defensive weakness during the regular season was their dishonest tendency. They finished 24th in terms of opponent free throw attempts per field goal attempt.

Meanwhile, under Butler’s leadership, Miami had the most free throws per field goal attempt (.299) of any team in the NBA. It has entered the playoffs, where the Heat’s free throw attempt rate has skyrocketed .351 per field goal attempt despite the fact that their first two rivals (Indiana and Milwaukee) are both in the top 10 in the lowest opponent free throws. Stayed at the location. Regular season.

In Butler and Dragic, Miami has two skilled practitioners of the dark arts of drawing and sales liaison. When defending James Harden, opponents must remain disciplined and avoid reaching inside, no matter how attractive it may seem. The Bucks often failed that test in the first three games of their series, when they sent the Heat to the throw line averaging 31 times per game. By the time Milwaukee learned its lesson, it was too late to return.

Boston gave up 31 free throw attempts at the January meeting between these two teams in Miami, but their match at the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex during the Seedling Games was less encouraging. Even with Butler sitting out, the Heat received the free throw line 39 times – including 18 for Adebayo – 112–106 victory over a healthy Celtics squad.

When Hayward is able to make a comeback, the Boston fouls may have additional impact depending on him. Not only did those unscrupulous send Miami into the line for efficient production, the Celtics also risk a foul trouble that would force Brad Stevens to go deep into their bench. Smart were out in just 16 minutes when these teams met most recently, and Tatum picked up his fifth foul in the third quarter.

– Kevin Pelton