NBA Playoffs 2020 – Eastern Conference Finals Experts Selected for Celtics-Heat

The next chapter of the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat rivalry begins Tuesday – with new stars, new storylines and plenty of drama.

Miami already knocked into reigns of MVP Giannis Antetokonampo and NBA-best Milwaukee Bucks, while Boston overcame a seven-game battle with defending champions Toronto Raptors.

What’s with the NBA Finals trip on the line? Our experts are unveiling their predictions for the Celtics-Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Note: The experts’ post for the Western Conference Finals will post on Friday.

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Eastern Conference Finals

Jerry Bambry: Heat at 7

Tim Bontemps: Celtic in 6

Nick Depula: Heat at 6

Nick Friedel: Celtic in 6

Kirk Goldsmith: Heat in 6

Andrew Han: Heat at 6

Chris Herring: Celtic in 7

Andrew Lopez: Heat at 7

Tim McMahon: Heat at 7

Bobby Marks: Heat at 6

Dave McMenamin: Celtic in 7

Kevin Pelton: Celtic in 7

Omar Raja: Heat at 7

Jorge Sedano: Heat at 7

Ramona Shelburne: Heat at 6

Andre ‘Snails: Celtic in 7

Mark J. Spears: Celtic in 6

Jessie Washington: Celtic in 7

Eric Woodyard: Heat at 7

Royce Young: Celtic in 7

Om Yuvamisuke: Celtic in 7

Last Match: Heat (11), Celtics (10).