NBA Playoff and lottery projections.

What's at stake for the NBA playoff race and the lottery draw on the last day of the NBA regular season?

Two teams compete for the final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, and will fall to the end. Only one playoff match is established in each conference, with much movement still possible.

The tank race has warmed up, especially with selections exchanged and protected even in the air.

Here are the games to follow and what they mean.

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East playoff race

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Games to see

• Magic in the Hornets | 8 p.m. Wednesday ET (ESPN)
• Knicks pistons | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET
• Heat in the networks | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET

the Detroit Pistons (40-41) and Charlotte Hornets (39-42) fight for the 16th playoff spot, and the Hornets are the owners of the tiebreaker. If the Pistons win or the Hornets lose, Detroit is in. Charlotte needs a victory and a defeat of Detroit to take the place.

After the Pistons' victory on Tuesday, the Miami Heat is officially out of the playoffs.

Sowing of East playoffs

  • The seeds numbers 1-5 are wrapped, guaranteeing Celtics-Pacers in round 1.

  • If he Networks win, they will win the No. 6 seed and a showdown with the Philadelphia 76ers (Number 3). The Nets can also win the No. 6 with a loss if the Hornets make the playoffs over the Pistons. If the Nets lose and the Pistons reach the playoffs, Brooklyn will be the No. 7 seed, versus the Toronto Raptors (No. 2)

  • the magical will win No. 6 if the Nets lose and the Pistons reach the playoffs.

  • the Milwaukee Bucks (No. 1) is likely to face the team that gets the last place in the playoffs between Detroit and Charlotte. However, if Brooklyn, Charlotte and Detroit win, the Pistons will get the No. 7, and the Magic will fall to No. 8.

West playoff race

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the Eight Western Conference playoff teams have been locked up for weeks, but planting will be reduced.

Games with the most at stake.

• Mavericks in Spurs | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET
• Thunder in Bucks | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET
• Jazz in Clippers | 10:30 pm. Wednesday ET (ESPN)
• Timberwolves in Nuggets | 10:30 pm. Wednesday of ET
• Kings in Blazers | 10:30 pm. Wednesday of ET

  • the warriors of the Golden State They have secured seed No. 1.

  • the Denver Nuggets will win the No. 2 seed with a win, and the Houston rockets will be get No. 2 if the Nuggets lose, leaving Denver at No. 3.

  • Houston will be the No. 3 seed if Denver wins and the Portland Trail Blazers lose, but a Denver victory combined with a Portland victory will lower Houston to No. 4, and the Blazers will be ranked No. 3.

  • the Utah Jazz They have secured seed No. 5.

  • the Oklahoma City thunder The No. 6 seed will be secured with a victory or a loss by the Spurs. The Thunder will fall to No. 7 with a loss combined with Spurs and Jazz wins. A loss of OKC combined with wins from the Spurs and the Clippers will leave the Thunder at No. 8.

  • the San Antonio Spurs will win the No. 6 with a victory and a loss of OKC. A victory by the Spurs plus an OKC victory will leave San Antonio at No. 7, and also a defeat combined with a Jazz victory. A San Antonio loss plus a Clippers victory will leave the Spurs at number 8.

  • the LA Clippers will finish No. 8 unless they win and at least one of the Spurs or Thunder loses, in which case, LA will move to No. 7.

Odds project in play

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The modified lottery system has not eradicated the tank race in the final stretch. There are beautiful combinations of ping-pong balls in play that will affect the selections and odds exchanged to obtain one of the three most coveted selections (providing the opportunity to select Zion Williamson, Ja Morant or RJ Barrett).

Go here for a complete breakdown of how the new lottery works.

Games to see and what they mean.

• Warriors in the Grizzlies | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET
• Mavericks in Spurs | 8 p.m. Wednesday of ET
• Timberwolves in Nuggets | 10:30 pm. Wednesday of ET

Get ready for Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and more.Well-informed person

Last simulation of the NBA
• Top 100 clbadification projects
• Project of badets for each team.
• Clbadifications by statistics and scouting.

  • the The New York Knicks They have achieved the worst record. The Knicks will have the same 14 percent chance of getting the No. 1 choice as the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but New York is guaranteed to stay in the top five.

  • the Suns Y Gentlemen The season ends tied for the second worst record. The NBA will break all draft draws with a random drawing on Friday. Teams tied will receive the average of the total number of combinations for those tied positions, and the winner of the draw will get additional combinations if there is an odd number to split.

  • The Suns and Cavs will have the same odds for the actual lottery draw, but Friday's random draw determines the order in which the teams select if they are not selected among the top four. Hypothetically, if the Suns win the random drawing and neither team wins a lottery selection in the top four, the Suns will choose the number 5 and the Cavs will choose the number 6. (Unless the Knicks also fall in the top 4. In that scenario, the Suns get the No. 6, and the Cavs get the No. 7.)

  • the The Chicago Bulls (No. 4) and Atlanta Hawks (No. 5) are locked in their slots.

  • the Washington Wizards (32-50), Memphis Grizzlies (32-49), Pelicanos of New Orleans (33-49) and Dallas Mavericks (33-48) are grouped in numbers 6-9. This is especially important because Dallas and Memphis have the opportunity to lose their protected selections without a bit of luck in the lottery, and both have a remaining game.

  • the Mavericks they will send their selection to the Hawks if they are out of the top five, and the Grizzlies They will send their selection to the Celtics if they are out of the top eight. The election of the Mavs remains protected among the first five next year if it is not transmitted; the choice of the Grizzlies falls to the first six protected in 2020. There are rumors that Memphis, in the middle of a reconstruction, prefers to leave the first round this season before the protections fall.

  • If any team takes the No. 6 spot directly, that carries a 9.0 percent chance for No. 1 and a 37 percent chance for the top five. Falling directly to No. 9 means a 4.5 percent chance for No. 1 and a 20 percent chance for the top five.

  • the the Los Angeles Lakers You can improve your odds with a Timberwolves victory, which would create a draw.

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