NBA officials explain why Sixers big man Dwight Howard was sent off

The Philadelphia 76ers are still understaffed in the big league right now. They’re still missing Joel Embiid as he continues to recover from a bone bruise he suffered on March 12 and because of the trades, they only have one true center on the roster and that is Dwight Howard.

The 17-year veteran was ejected from Thursday’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers in the first quarter after committing two technical fouls and drew the ire of coach Doc Rivers for it. Then he was playing well on Saturday against the Clippers, but got back into the umpires in the fourth.

Howard took two quick techniques and then was thrown for the second game in a row. He finished nine points and 11 rebounds in the loss to Los Angeles.

Subsequently, NBA official Tony Brothers spoke with a reporter from the group about why Howard was expelled:

He said something derogatory to the referee he was talking to about the referee who called the first technical foul.

That was the second technical foul, but what caused the first? The brothers then added:

The first coach was called, he was sanctioned for offensive foul. During the next possession he ran across the court to the referee who called, pointed to the referee who called and yelled at him and for that reason the first technical foul was called.

It’s another lesson to learn to keep a cool head when the going gets tough. The Sixers will now continue the road trip Tuesday against the Denver Nuggets at Ball Arena.

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