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What would the Heat have to do to win…

Well, that is not the question? It is tempting to say that there is not much hope, but the Heat is exceeding all postmortem expectations. Here is a simple answer: Either lebron james or anthony davis And force another to try to carry the entire team, hope they can’t. Reminder: Simple is not as easy. HF

Miami Bomb Adebayo must find a way to slow down Anthony Davis, Who has been the best offensive player in these playoffs at an average of 28.8 points and is 36.6% of his three-point attempts. Bag

The Lakers may have the league’s best one-two punch, but the Heat have one man who can force them to play with one hand behind their backs: Jimmy butler, A one-man LeBron headache in his Central Division days. The more Butler disappoints James, the harder it becomes for Kuzma, Caruso et al to find a rhythm. AL

What the Lakers need to do to win …

Even though Heat manages to limit LeBron or AD, it doesn’t matter anyway. if Third member of Lakers steps up, One or two games of Kyle Kuzma breakout or playoff rondo may be enough to make it a short series. HF

Lakers should continue Create scoring chances with live ball turnover. No team is better at defense than getting easy points from steals and blocks, putting less burden on James and Davis. Bag

Throw big bodies in balm adbeo. Between AD, JaVale McGee and a resurgent Dwight Howard, he has no shortage of newcomers. Nikola Jokic, who may well have revealed himself in these playoffs as the league’s greatest big man, lost in that jungle, after all. Adebayo, a more aggressive defender who makes a strong case for the No2 axis, may well find himself a prime target for foul trouble. AL

Your final MVP will be …

In times of great uncertainty, we are all seeking continuity. if Lebron james He is doing what he is doing, he will be a passionate favorite to win this award. HF

If the Lakers win as expected, it’s hard to imagine anyone but Lebron james Won the award for the fourth time. Bag

Anthony Davis if the Lakers win, As Lebron hung back and exploited Brown’s mismatches throughout the court for garish statistics. Jimmy Butler wins if Heat, As he shut down the best player in basketball and came up big (as usual) on the strip and down the stretch. AL

Unspeakable players to watch …

Tyler harrow. Okay, this is a hoax. After a 37-point performance in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it is safe to say that the heat rookie will not be completely uncontrolled. The 20-year-old player is already comparing to legitimate Magic Johnson. HF

It seems strange to categorize the former NBA Finals and MVP and Olympic gold medalist under Radar, but the 36-year-old Andre Igodala These playoffs average just 4.0 points per game in 19.0 minutes. Look for Spoelstra to rely more on LeBron as a defensive stopper in this series. Bag

Kelly Olenik. Not only do 6-foot 11-inch Canadians shape the heat to counter larger bodies, L.A. will bring Adebayo to close the bench to disappoint, but Oleniak is quick enough and out of color to add to the add-in. To be followed. As Erik Spoelstra moves his stronghold for the moment, Olenić’s switches may prove decisive. The same goes for his three-point shoot. AL

A bold prediction…

Lakers drop Game 1. This Heat team enters Red Hot. Meanwhile, this Lakers team needs a bit of a jolt to get them going. I can already think “are the Lakers in trouble?” thinkpieces. HF

The Heat won the first two games. The Lakers should not need a dangerous call as Miami against an opponent, but they will get one. And they will answer it. Bag

GUAR-ON-TEED… it ends at six. AL

How will this final affect LeBron’s case for GOAT?

Win or lose, it seems They Will only help. Just making it back to the finals with his third different team, James paired up with his veteran. After the Lakers won the Western Conference Finals, Tommy Bear mentioned the ridiculous fact that LeBron has played 45 out of last 51 Final game. HF

Lebron case is already closedIn the view of some people. For others, he will remain two rings behind Jordan’s six in the only metric that matters. When we have received him, it is best to just enjoy him, because there will be no other like him any time soon. Bag

MJ never won a neutral site during an epidemic as a social justice boil reached full boil. It has been the busiest NBA season to date, with players making all kinds of adjustments to their good and bad clothes. That LeBron could not only roll with it, but also lend his voice to weighty affairs outside the bubble while leading the promised land from his third (!) Franchise – and his second year at La La Land To boot into – everything that should be Makes her out of MJ’s long shadow for good. AL

The winner will be …

The lakers in five. Even assuming that the Heat are a way to win Game 1, that would make the Lakers angry. Watch LA to wire 2 games, and then take control of the series from there. The Heat will have at least one more game where they have a second-half lead, just setting things up for Lebron to set up one of their trademark Lebron games. Game 5 ends an anticlimatic blowout. HF

Lakers in six. Butler and The Heat have the chemistry and defensive tenacity to give LA a bigger headache than expected, but with the support of Rondo, Caruso and KCP will win the Lakers’ class behind the two best players on the floor. Bag

Summer at six? His best player fits LeBron, his coach is one of the sharpest minds and criminally inferior minds in the game, and his roster is full of people who feel overlooked or slighted for one reason or another. What’s more, he’s got the added luxury of Pat Riley to take the extra brain. In a year where left over, it feels about right. AL


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