NBA – Brandon Ingram rescues the Lakers


PHILADELPHIA – A rumor began to circulate in a corner of the Wells Fargo Center, the kind of commotion that usually occurs when there is a fight in the stands.

This, however, was not a skirmish. Instead, it was LaVar Ball waving his arms and driving the fans of the Philadelphia 76ers to keep booing him from where he and his family were sitting in a box.

Philadelphia has a new enemy, and that's the Ball family.

Booing Lonzo Ball almost every time he dribbled the ball and then did it with LaVar, Sixers fans made The Center feel as animated as ever. And the play on the court was just as electric.

The Los Angeles Lakers built a 16-point lead in the third quarter, only to be wasted by the end of the fourth quarter. But with the game tied at 104-104, Ball handled the baseline before finding Brandon Ingram, who was completely open, for a triple winner, remaining eight tenths of a second to lead the Lakers to a 107-104 victory. . It was the Lakers' first triple since former Lakers guard D & # 39; Angelo Russell made three against the Timberwolves in April. The Lakers (9-15) broke a five-game losing streak by defeating the Sixers (13-11).

The three of Brandon Ingram crowned a night of 21 points. Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE / Getty

Ben Simmons finished with a triple double with 12 points, 15 badists and 13 rebounds, while Joel Embiid scored 33 points. But Ball almost had a triple double of his own with 10 points, eight badists and eight rebounds to complete with four blocks and three steals. Ingram scored 21 points, grabbed seven rebounds and had six badists for his first winner of the season. And Julius Randle was phenomenal down the stretch with 16 points, giving Embiid and the Sixers pick and rolls adjustments.

The Lakers and the Sixers have faced each other twice this season, and both encounters have shown, at least, that these two teams play a basketball game between them.

Because the Lakers and Sixers played their two regular-season games before the New Year, it's likely that the NBA will have to wait another year before seeing this year. The draft picks No. 1 and 2 face each other. Ball could not play against Markelle Fultz because of Fultz's shoulder injury.

Ball had one of his worst games of the season when the Lakers lost to the Sixers in Los Angeles on November 15. He shot 1-for-9 in general, including 0-for-6 from the 3-point range, and had just two points, two badists and five rebounds in a nationally televised game. Ball was so disappointed with his game that he went to the team's practice center hours after that game to shoot instead of doing his usual home game routine after returning to watch the game.

This time, Ball played much better. Booed in the first half almost every time he touched the ball, Ball flirted with his third career triple-double. He had 10 points, seven rebounds, six badists, four blocks and three steals during the first three quarters.

But Simmons was better, compiling his third career double triple long before the game was over. Count Ball as a fan of the way Simmons plays. Both rookies pbad first, recover and do not fire from the perimeter.

"First of his size, in the position of point guard, he does not look and knows his game," Ball said. "He does not let anyone tell him to get out of his things, he does what he does and helps his team win every night."

"I feel like he plays the right way," Ball added. "As big as he is, he can probably go to the basket and shoot each time, he's a great pbader, a rebounder and he does all the little things."

While Simmons was filling the frame marker, Embiid went to a slow start compared to the last time he saw the Lakers. The great man of the Sixers looked like a Hackey Olajuwon of the new era crushing the Lakers with a series of vertiginous moves in Los Angeles, where he lost 46 points, 15 rebounds, seven badists and seven blocks, his highest mark of his career. Embiid was still a force, particularly in the fourth quarter when he fouled and hit two free throws to tie the game at 104-104.

But Ball drove in the middle of a chorus of boos before hitting Ingram for the winner of the game – and in the process, allowing the Lakers to stop their five-game losing streak in spectacular fashion.

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