NBA All-Star Game: Paul George Retracts His 2019 ‘Bad Shot’ Claim After Damian Lillard’s Midfield Game Winner

Paul George has suffered greatly in the postseason over the years. It was something undeserved, to be honest. He’s a great gamer who’s had some pretty bad high-profile games. It has also had some great ones. In 2019, it wasn’t what George did on the court in Oklahoma City’s first-round loss to Portland that placed him among the sharks of social media, it was what he said in his post-game press conference after that Damian Lillard had just arrived on this series. – leaning 35 feet on your grill.

“It was a bad shot,” George claimed infamously. “I don’t care what other people say. That’s a bad opportunity.”

George’s logic wasn’t necessarily wrong. For most basketball players, even the best in the world, bleeding the clock to take a 35-foot side step is do not a good shot. But defending Lillard has long required operating by a different set of rules. You can take any shot from anywhere at any time. Frankly, the bigger the moment, the more chance you have to hang on. George gave him too much space, plain and simple.

At Sunday’s All-Star Game, Lillard did it again, this time plucking game winner Elam Ending from a step into the middle of the court to give Team LeBron a 170-150 victory over Team Durant.

This time George was on Lillard’s side as a member of Team LeBron and after the game, he was asked if seeing Lillard make that shot in that situation caused him to reconsider his ‘bad shot’ stance on the 2019 Lillard dagger.

“I guess I was criticized for the right reason for calling Dame’s shot in the playoffs a bad shot,” George jokingly admitted. “I mean, I see this guy’s range is insane. And I mean, it’s not like it’s a mid-court shot. These are shots that are very well within his range …” It’s a great shot. ” George concluded when he pinned down on the 2019 Lillard winner. “Two thumbs up.”

George’s full comment is below:

This is all a lot of fun, but it’s also a legitimate topic. Protecting guys like Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry, who also threw a half-court shot on Sunday, has changed all traditional defensive principles. Protection priorities are reversed, seriously extending to midfield. Over the past season and a half, Lillard has been 8-of-12 on shots from 35 to 39 feet. And when the game is up, he is a killer. Nobody knows that more than George, who has now seen it from both sides.

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