NBA 2K21: Very annoying patch fixing awaits for shooting!

NBA 2K21 has a hot and cold release. This is mainly due to the similarity to the old game of the new game. However, one thing that has changed a lot is also causing a lot of issues. NBA 2k replaced shot-making in 2K21, a decision that was widely mocked when the game’s demo was released.

However, the community soon got a hang of the new shooting mechanism, which forces the use of the right stick to target your shot. The way competitive players projected the shot, 2k issued a shooting hot-fix due to the large casual crowd complaining about the difficulty.

That fix made it worse, as the shots started going regardless of time. This meant that 2K would have to be patched again, which they had just done.

Mike wang A few days ago addressed a possible new patch, which appears to have been dropped. Pro stick shooting has been made slightly less effective, meaning that the window of white release to go inside has been reduced. A fix was rumored for those who broke the ankle, but it did not make its way with this patch.

NBA 2K21: Mixed feelings about the new patch?

This patch is not as prominent as previous patches. 2K did not even announce a patch drop. People found it and when they logged into their console. This is not a heavy patch either, meaning that most changes need to be minor.

This patch is divisive, because people still don’t agree on whether shooting has gotten worse or better since this patch. Some have released videos of her making frequent shots, while others are continuously posting videos of missing shots. 2k has given fans an option not to use Pro Stick with the new patch. However, fans believe that the game’s meta stick may lean towards shooting.

Here are some responses:

It is not abundantly clear whether the shooting has been affected for better or worse. Thinking about what social media has to say depends on whether you have a skill level or not. It seems that the only way for us to make consistent shots is to practice extensively with shot sticks.