NBA 2K21: The Kotak Review

When I sit down with a 2K new basketball game every year, I usually just take the time to review MyCareer mode, because the part I am most interested in. But this year I blew it so quickly that I was able to play. The rest of the game is getting review as well, so surprise, All Of NBA 2K21. It turns out that it was very easy to do, because very little has changed since 2K20.

I don’t mean “hasty game games are just roster updates”, I mean that in the most literal sense. In case you can’t tell in advance Madden 21’s Lack review or Fact PES 2021 Not even coming as a standalone release, 2020 is going to be a very bad year for sports video games.

It was always going to be this way, because it is the same story every time we jump to a new console generation. Developers like 2k and EA Sports, usually trying to develop a game a year, suddenly had to release two, a last-gen version where all the money is, and a next-gen version where all the headlines are.

To get both games, door corners are cut, shortcuts are taken, and everywhere 3D models or even a menu or a game mode can simply be recycled, instead created or refined, so you Bet it’s gonna happen. Recycled.

If 2020 became normal then it was going to happen. And this is far from normal! Imagine all those who need only developers Working from home is also amidst a global pandemic. So when i am saying this review NBA 2K21 Full of rehashed content, I normally say so with a little heavy heart, as we are releasing new games in 2020, it is a blessing given the developmental, economic and logistical constraints.

But also, this is a full-price game with the heartbeat of a mobile free-to-play scam, so my sympathy is only so far.

NBA 2K21 Contemporary 2K experience is, as seen through the eyes of a tiring fanbase, taken to its logical conclusion. This is a thought-provoking exercise, an experiment in a publisher just seeing how little they can give to players while maximizing their profits. This game is the best game to upgrade in some cases shield Despite what comes before, and yet at every step you are still bothering to spend real money on trinkets and upgrades in singleplayer game mode, despite this it is already a full-price retail game.

It is fitting then that only the actual upgrades to be found in 2K21 A redirected Neighborhood Hub is out of the world in MyTeam, a 2K version of EA’s Ultimate Team, aka game mode where you can spend real money on packs of cards that include good players, and more often than not .. . No. It swaps the incredibly gross casino theme, and its progression system has been remodeled, so it’s got a completely new coat of paint, so if you spend your time and lots of people Do, even when they know what they do ‘is happening in itself! – You might be more excited 2K21 How I really am when I talk about this, especially when I am part of the review Plays.

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MyLeague and MyGM, however, are almost unchanged. This is especially useless for MyGM, which I have held quietly Years Was going to be the next best thing about 2K Chain. NBA, with its small roster, big celebrities and constant drama best The setting for a more comprehensive, dramatic management mode – basically bringing MyCareer’s cutscenes into the backroom – and it’s a pity that 2K keeps ignoring it.

Speaking of neglect, let’s turn my attention to MyCareer. The first game’s flagship mode and # 1 selling point, and for a long time my only focus here Kotaku (This will be the seventh year in a row I have covered), MyCareer used to be one of the most innovative soloplayer campaigns in all video games. The game’s action game for dramatic Catscan and RPG-like character progression was like a dream come true for lots of fans, and for a while each new year promised that 2k would finally outlast Mycare’s kink Delivered and distributed to true singleplayer sports. Game experience.

Only they have never actually managed it. Realized that the harder 2k I tried, the more outside help they would get in, the more they would get from getting it. Be it Spike Lee or LeBron James’ production company Behind the Scenes, there will always be something Close About MyCareer, “Poochie“Supporting characters for clichéd storylines’ painstaking dialogue.

And before we even get close to the biggest problem of the mode, Which was a gradual infiltration of microtrans. In Single mode.

How disappointing it is! Every year he would get one thing right, then fuck another. Two years later That Part would be great, but some other will break. 2K could never tie it all together like managed with EA Sports Trip to fifa, Since which MyCareer has crossed the peak of the singleplayer sports storyline. Sure, there were a few years majority of The stuff came together-2K17 Was probably the sweetest place – but it would be after that 2K18, Which was a complete disaster.

I’m saying all this to lead into the fact 2K21 Very little manages to learn from all of this, and ends one of the most forgettable chapters in the fast-paced saga. It is simply a bag-bag of themes and beats used in previous entries, and is surrounded by these weird irritations such as the background characters appearing dressed up by a random wardrobe generator, and the game’s two heads. Women look Incredibly Likewise, to the point where I spent most of the story thinking that it was a very poorly-symbolic turn that they would be sisters.

That you, Jr., is on the left.  On the right is your father, Duke.

That you, Jr., is on the left. On the right is your father, Duke.
Screenshot: NBA 2K21

This year you play as a junior, a child whose father was a college hop legend but who has recently died. You are a good player yourself, a high school recruit who somehow keeps MyCareer under the shadow of his father, while clearly also a better player. On the way you will meet a shady agent trying to get a final score (Michael K. Williams), date a college girlfriend, play with a friend and find an opponent on a competitive team.

There is zero drama. Zero suspense. You play it, it ends, and the only thing that breaks the monotony are a few bizarre moments where you decide in a split-second dialogue option (such as a draft interview and what you choose as your agent) for the rest. There can be huge implications for your career.

It ticks all the most basic boxes needed for the mode, I guess? But I’m just tired of it. Not only the idea, I still want singleplayer sports narrators, the way it continues to be implemented here. MyCareer is so dependent on sports movie tropes, and it’s an old (and absolutely punitive) way of tracking your game performance that it quickly sheds joy from playing basketball only.

All of which is a damn shame, because as always, the on-court product is probably the best entertainment of a professional game in all video games. At least the upgrade has happened, at least when it arrives 2K21K Visuals, but gameplay tweaks are good. For experienced players a new shot meter may initially seem daunting, but feels really good, firm and fair with work, and movement with the ball, especially on the perimeter, feels a lot more free and expressive than usual. .

2K There is always such a great sense in the series being done on the court. Every player has place, And they are so rare among sports games that they actually let you explore the physicality of the game – leaning into players, actually pushing them into the past – rather than just its speed and strategy. I’m saying that when you are Just playing basketball, Focused on nothing, but it’s yamming down some other team’s throats and playing some D’s, it’s the best I can ever remember it.

Problem with 2K, However, and it is bigger this year than ever before, is that you can hardly be so clear in your perspective. In 2K21, Like we’ve seen over the years, Every moment of fun by the court is being run by this racket.

Important article: This review covers its version NBA 2K21 Currently available in stores, developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is also coming in the year following PS5 and Xbox Series X, and if there are significant changes to the game, I’ll try to write about them separately.

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