NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix: Full stop of the latest updates – shot meters, neighborhoods, badges and more

2K Games has pushed a hotfix that will rework shooting in the latest NBA 2K game. Here are all the details.

The NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix has arrived, and there have been some changes to the shooting system.

After fan complaints were released around the new shot meter, this hotfix would make it easier on players in most game modes and difficulties.

So was shooting hotfix a good thing? And what does it include?

NBA 2K21 shot meter

One of the most popular complaints among NBA 2K21 fans is the game’s shot meter.

NBA 2K21 Shot Meter 1 1
DAME TIME: While Damien Lillard complained on Twitter about the new shot meter, he seems fine in the game

This year’s meter is smaller than usual, and has a very small green window that challenges the player’s time skills.

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With shooting hotfixes, some things are changing with shot meters, at least for specific game modes and difficulties.

NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix

The NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix went live on September 6, meaning players could now test the difference.

So what changed?

NBA 2K21 Shooting Hotfix
Update: 2K Games has adjusted the new shooting system for NBA 2K21

For most game modes and difficulties, NBA 2K21’s shot meters now decorate much less on timing, allowing for a larger green window, and greater accuracy on yellow shots.

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However, this hotfix does not apply to Neighborhood / Park, and to those above All-Star difficulty.

This means that Shooting Hotfix will make the new shooting system easier for MyLEAGUE, MyTEAM and MyCAREER players while maintaining pressure for game modes at The Neighborhood.

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This will allow players to peacefully grind their shooting badge at MyCAREER before killing the nebula to increase shooting difficulty.

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Is a hotfix a good thing?

The shooting hotfix may be polarizing at first glance, but its execution is actually quite reasonable for both players who want a more casual NBA 2K21 experience and players want to push the skill envelope.

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By giving both sides what they want, 2K has found a good middle ground to stop the vocal section of the online complaining fanbase and honors players who have mastered the new, more difficult shooting system this year.

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