Navy coach slams Pentagon in Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy Series

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy Series is headed into this season, with a strange scenario in the Covey-19 epidemic and the world of college football, and Navy coach Ken Nimetalo doesn’t understand.

The people of the Pentagon have pushed the series forward despite scheduling conflicts and other epidemic-related issues, Nemetalo said, even though he “has no idea what is happening with the schedules.”

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is awarded the winner of the Games each season among three service academy schools: Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The Navy is playing an 11-game schedule this fall. The military has a 12-game schedule, though it had to be rescheduled and scrambled after its cancellation due to coronovirus. However, the Air Force canceled its season altogether, as the Mountain West Conference canceled this fall.

The Air Force and Navy will now play on 3 October. 3. Army and Air Force will play on 7 November. The Navy and Army will conclude the series on 12 December.

‘I don’t think those people care’

Nimalatalolo was instrumental in advancing the series last month, and said he talked about it with Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk.

According to Gladchuk, Nimatalolo, it was not for him.

“Chet and I talked, but it’s up to us,” he said, via the Capitol Gazette. “It’s the Pentagon decision-makers.

“I have no idea where they are getting their data from. They haven’t met me, so they can’t find any football data. As I said, no one asked me.”

Nemetalo repeatedly fatally blasted the Pentagon, though did not specify who the decision-makers were – something that is still unclear.

In his mind, however, the decision to play should be for coaches, athletic directors and others who are directly involved with the programs.

“For me, those decision-makers have never played football in their lives. They do not know what physical football is like. We are not playing crochet or anything. Football is a tough, physical game, ”Nemetalolo said via the Capital Gazette. “People have decided that they have no clue what they are doing or talking about the game. He made it a military deal. This is not a military deal. “

‘I’m sure I’ll get reprimanded’

One of Nemetalo’s biggest concerns with this situation is that the Airforce is playing only two games this season, compared to the Navy’s and Army’s full, or pass-full, schedule – which he doesn’t think is appropriate.

“Where else in the country will you play for value and not everyone’s schedule is the same?” Nimetalo made statements through the Capital Gazette. “This is the number 1 thing we fight every year – the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. We are playing a full schedule. You got Air Force playing just two games? I don’t think those people care. “

Nemetalolo is in his 14th season with the Navy, where he compiled an overall record of 98–61 and reached a Bowl game in all two seasons. The Midshipmen suffered a crushing defeat to BYU in their season opener, 55–3.

While he was honest about his feelings for the annual Seva Academy series, the 55-year-old knows he is sure to be punished for speaking so openly on Monday.

“I have spoken my mind. I am sure that I will get reprimand through the Capital Gazette. He said, ‘I am just the head football coach, but I feel honestly. this is not right.”

Navy coach Ken Nimetalo is not happy that the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy series is progressing this season. (Dylan Buell / Getty Images)

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