Naval issues probe into ‘Putin Mahal’ worth billions of dollars

Late Tuesday night, which marked the first day of the opposition leader at the infamous Matroskaya Tecina facility, his team dropped a great probe into the president’s funds, offering the Russians to see what they allege “The Black Sea But Putin’s Palace. “

Navalni and her Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) called the report her “biggest investigation yet”. It has allegations related to huge corruption schemes, which he says put Putin’s assets at around $ 1.4 billion.

CNN has not been able to independently verify FBK claims. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied that the Russian leader was attached to the property on Tuesday.

“They are repeating the old story. It was the year of 2017 or 2016, if there is no mistake from me, that it was first mentioned that there should be a so-called palace of Putin in Zelandzhik. It is not true. There is no palace there. Hai, he doesn’t own any palaces, “Peskov told CNN.

“They are all rumors and there were some disputes between the owners of those complexes but they really have no connection with President Putin.”

The existence of the property was first reported a decade ago when Sergey Kolesnikov, a businessman, published an open letter with various documents requesting the then President Dmitry Medvedev to “curb corruption” for the construction of the alleged palace.

The 17,691-square-meter palace has 11 bedrooms according to plans received by FBK.
But Navalny’s new investigation, which he says he thought of undergoing treatment at the Berlin Charité Clinic, aims to show the scale of the property and uncover the dubious financial plans behind the grand project.

The report and the nearly two-hour documentary film also give a more comprehensive look inside the palace. The FBK states that it submits itemized lists of purchased furniture and floor pattern samples, along with detailed plans for a subcontinent building involved in construction. The group then used these documents and photographs obtained from construction workers to produce 3D-models of the interiors.

Navalny in the documentary says, “It’s like a state within a state, where there is an irrefutable Caesar rule.” “It is designed in such a way that no one can reach it by land, sea or air. Thousands of people working there are banned from bringing an ordinary cell phone with a camera … but We’ll take a look inside. “

As per the plans, the 17,691-square-meter palace has 11 bedrooms, several living rooms and dining halls, a private theater, a movie theater, a Las Vegas style casino, two spas and a hammam, a bakery and a “mess”. The room “with an unknown purpose. The rooms are decorated with velvet and lush green carpets, marble floors, columns and intricate ceilings resembling the St. Petersburg royal palaces.

According to the FBK, assets on the Black Sea are estimated at $ 1.4 billion.

A separate portion of the report is devoted to the details of the staggeringly expensive furniture made to order by the luxury Italian brand, which includes a $ 56,000 table and a $ 27,000 sofa.

Described as “the most controversial room in Putin’s palace” on the FBK site, the plan features a hookah lounge that features a dancer’s pole.

As the Navy site sarcastically states: “On the plan it is designated as the ‘hookah room’. And all will be well, but there is not a single window in that room, but for some reason a stage, a There is something similar to a dressing room, spotlights and poles drawn on a plan. We wondered for a long time. What could it be. Probably they make huge Shwema there … or it’s a training ground for firefighters. “

Navalni’s Anti-Corruption Foundation says that the cost of the palace has skyrocketed due to frequent repairs, according to interviews with people working on the site. The house initially had significant issues with ventilation systems and humidity levels, causing many of the rich interiors to be destroyed due to mold, according to the FBK investigation.

The FBK states that the property surrounding the palace is estimated at 68 hectares, but adds that the actual property is likely to be about 100 times larger, with a large contiguous plot of land that is allegedly under the Federal Security Service. , Or FSB, is in the form of a buffer. For property.

According to the drone video shot by FBK, the property has a private hockey rink, individual churches, amphitheater and a 2,500-square-meter greenhouse. The area is connected to several outposts that lead to it; The plot of land itself is listed as a no-fly zone, according to FBK.

According to the drone video shot by FBK, the estate has a private hockey rink, church, amphitheater and a 2,500-square-meter greenhouse.

The FBK states that vineyards flourish in the area, where classical music is played around the clock, ostensibly to help the grapes mature, as members of the vineyard for the region According, who listened to music playing during a visit to the estate. The bathrooms of a processing facility in the vineyard are reportedly equipped with an $ 850 Italian toilet brush and a $ 1,250 toilet paper holder.

Navalny claims that wine making is Putin’s “very expensive hobby” and that the Russian president serves this wine to his friends: “He drinks it with his friend Xi Jinping from China, and under the same compassion ‘deeper integration Discusses’. [Belarusian President Alexander] Lukashenko, “according to the menu photos he says were served during the official reception.

Navalny also claims to have disclosed a complex plan to finance the President’s assets and other personal expenses. The report claimed that Putin, at the beginning of his presidency, paid part of his income to an investment firm with Russian oligarchs and wealthy businessmen to “donate”. But 35% of those donations were then claimed by Navalny, a specialized registered Swiss Bank of Belize-registered company. Reuters previously reported on the financial web around the Black Sea assets in 2014.

Opinion: Why Putin wants to keep Navalani off

Navalny, who faced fading into pornography or returning to Russia as an ambiguity and almost certainly going to prison upon arrival, opted for the latter.

After arriving from Germany, he was detained at Moscow airport late Sunday evening, where he spent five months poisoning Novichok, in which he blamed the Russian government. The Kremlin repeatedly denied any involvement.

The next morning Navalny faces an unexpected hearing where the judge orders him to be detained for 30 days. He is now awaiting trial to determine if he violated the terms of his suspended sentence in the 2014 embezzlement case, which he says was politically motivated.

Following his detention decision, Navalny’s team announced a nationwide demonstration later this week, and the report is seen as a way to draw more Russian people into the streets.

The property has a 2,500-square-meter greenhouse, according to drone video shot by FBK.

Navalni spokesperson Kira Yarmish tweeted, “Most of all, I wish I had the same kind of anger that burns in people watching this video.” “Putin is robbing my country, imprisoning his friends, he is a murderer. And I want to fight back. Moscow, Pushkin Square … I’ll be there. I hope to see you there too.”

In less than a day, the documentary has garnered 25 million views on YouTube, and the report goes further than converting Medvedev’s wealth, and Navalny’s investigations into his venom.

Among other things, the documentary depicting Medvedev’s mansion was viewed more than 37 million times and led to several major protests across Russia. At the time, the Kremlin called the protest illegal and Medvedev called the report “nonsense”. The demonstrations ended in mass demonstrations; About 1,000 people were arrested in Moscow alone.

CNN’s Frederick Pleiten contributed to this report.



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