Naughty Prince William and Prince Harry Miss Behaving photos and videos when they were children

With cameras everywhere and spotlight on them these days it is no surprise that we have seen pictures of royal children when they are not at their best behavior.

Prince William and Prince Harry grew up in headlines as well and got themselves into mischief. It has also been reported that food was thrown at the table during tantrums at the Duke of Cambridge. So what did the princes get when they were younger? Here are some of his photos and videos of him being abused while cameras were on him.

Princess William and Harry with their mother, Princess Diana | Photo library via Tim Graham Getty Image

Prince Harry acting on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

One picture you may have seen has been haunting people for years, a young Prince Harry sticking out his tongue while in the arms of Princess Diana on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The year was 1988 and even then Harry proved that he was liking the clown of the bunch as he glued his tongue all over during Trooping the Color. His mother, however, was not very happy with her son’s antics. But as we later learned, the Duke of Sussex enjoyed making silly faces when the media was around.

Princess Diana holding Prince Harry
Princess Diana quips Prince Harry | Photo library via Tim Graham Getty Image

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Queen Elizabeth had to chase Prince William

When he was 4 years old, Prince William was a pageboy at his Uncle Andrew and Sarah Ferguson wedding.

Some of William’s couples are seen bored and yawning at the church and another where he is trying to chat during the ceremony. But it was when Nutan came on the serial that she almost gave the queen a heart attack and the emperor had to chase her grandson.

As the Duke and Duchess of York pulled into a carriage, the Prince began running after it and apparently got very close. The queen was afraid that she would get hurt so she quickly went to him, grabbed his hand and brought him back to safety.

Prince Harry elbows Princess Beatrice

After almost getting into a fistfight with Princess Beatrice, Prince Harry’s mother once had to scold him on the royal balcony.

As Fergie held her daughter, the little princess gave her cousin a playful elbow, but Harry was doing it and pushed her back with his elbow. At that point, Diana grabs her and gently pulls her off as Beatrice tries to kill her back.

In the Instagram clip, the Princess of Wales is seen bending over and whispering to the future Duke of Sussex about her behavior.

Prince William taunts the decoration of the royal balcony

Another moment on the balcony with a princess was causing some mischief when William was dragging on the decoration of the balcony.

Some other young relatives of the future king watched. Princess Diana did not catch her older son’s antics, as she watched the Trooping the Color ceremony, capturing 9-month-old Harry.

    Princess Diana held Prince Harry along with Lady Davina Windsor, Peter Phillips, Prince William, Lord Frederick Windsor and Lady Rose Windsor.

Princess Diana placed Prince Harry in the foreground with Lady Davina Windsor, Peter Phillips, Prince William, Lord Frederick Windsor, and Lady Rose Windsor. Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

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Prince Harry pulled out his tongue again

Prince Harry, in a car window in 1988, told reporters that he had left the hospital after the birth of Princess Beatrice.

Prince harry
Prince Harry | Daily Mirror / MirrorCarics / Getty Images

Years later many people compared the moment when Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue on the press and noted that they should be taken after her Uncle Harry.

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