Nationalist leader Kyrgyzstan set to consolidate power in elections

Voters from the Central Asian country Kyrgyzstan were on their way to be elected as President nationalist politician Sadar Zaparov, who had come out of prison amid unrest last year and previous calls to nationalize some of the country’s most valuable assets, Which adds to the concerns among foreign investors in a turbulent, resource-rich country.

In Sunday’s election, in which voters also approved changes to the constitution that gave the president more powers, it is the first vote since last year’s riots that saw former President Soronbai Zinebkov’s prolonged political uncertainty in a Russian-aligned country. Forced to resign for a period. .

Mr. Zaparov was elected Prime Minister in October following Mr. Zemprob’s resignation and also served as Acting President.

Surrounded by allegations of vote-buying in last October’s parliamentary elections, Moscow worried and added to the problems of the Kremlin in its former Soviet periphery, including a persistent protest movement in Belarus and a conflict in the South Caucasus that increased Turkey’s influence have seen. there.

Mr Zaparov was leading by more than 79% of the vote after voting closed on Sunday night, with more than 90% of the vote, Russian news agencies reported, according to the country’s Central Election Committee. There were 17 candidates for the post. There were no reports of violence during the voting.


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