National Security Advisor warns of “dire consequences” for foreign election intervention

Washington – In view of Evaluation From the US intelligence community that expanded influence efforts by foreign actors ahead of the November election, White House National Security Adviser Robert O. Bryan warned on Sunday that any foreign power seeking medals in the upcoming competition would “serious consequences”.

“Whether it’s China, Russia or Iran, we’re not going to go along with it, and trying to interfere with any free and fair election with any country will have serious consequences,” O’Brien said in an interview. Face The Nation, “his first since recovering from the Coronavirus.” Whether their leader likes Joe Biden or Donald Trump, it doesn’t matter. we are American. We are not going to let foreign countries decide who will be our next president. this is outrageous.”

O’Brien said the Trump administration is taking steps to counter foreign influence in the 2020 election, including tightening elections and cyber infrastructure and working with states, but acknowledged that Russia, China and Iran Engaged in cyber attacks and phishing efforts.

The National Security Advisor said the deadly actors also attempted to reach the Secretary of State’s websites and collect data on the Americans.

“There is no high concern that we maintain free and fair elections that are the cornerstone of our democracy,” O’Brien said. “And look, we know that there are people abroad, Chinese, Iranian, Russian, others who want to interfere with our democracy. And we are going to fight against it.”

The intelligence community released its first public assessment Friday on the candidate preferences of some foreign actors, following the National Security Advisor’s warning to foreign governments less than 100 days before the November election.

By assessment, Russia is working to “discredit” presumed Democratic Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and China prefers that President Trump lose his reelection bid. The intelligence community warned that Iran could try to undermine American democratic institutions and the president through online and social media content.

Russia’s influence campaign marks its second attempt to interfere in the US presidential election, raising questions about whether Mr Trump has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to withhold the medal and whether he has adequately protected the country. Is approved.

But O’Brien said that when it comes to Russia in particular, there is not much left to implement sanctions.

“We have approved the exit of the Russians – individuals, companies, government,” he said. “We have thrown out the literal score of Russian spies. We have closed all their consulates on the West Coast. We have closed diplomatic facilities. There is not much left that we can do with the Russians.” ”

Nevertheless, O’Brien gave the same message to the Russians, Chinese and Iranians: “Do not tangle in our elections.”

“Don’t do it because there will be serious consequences,” he said.