National Media Grades Christian Wilkins Selection

"Great, great athlete." Wilkins is a type of high character who will make the Dolphins' locker better on Day 1. He's a versatile guy who will help shore up a hasty defense.

Andy Benoit, Sports Illustrated

"This is a fascinating selection: presumably, the Dolphins' new head coach, Brian Flores, will run the Patriots-style scheme he's spent his teaching career in. Wilkins is the size that the scheme demands, But stylistically, his game is based more on speed and movement than on pure power.Perhaps Flores imagines Wilkins filling the role of Trey Flowers. "Both have different body types, but the flowers always thrived in the acrobatics. and turns that Wilkins seems to be made to measure ".

Pete Prisco,

"This is my favorite selection of the whole draft so far, I love this selection, I think this boy is going to be a star, he was with Grady Jarrett when they chose him and I think Wilkins could be even better. construction for Brian Flores and his staff. "

Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report

"In general, there are between two and seven major NFL prospects playing on Clemson's front seven at any given time, forcing opponents to cross their fingers, using many wrong directions and screens and trying to get the ball out of hand. of the quarterback in 0.3 nanoseconds A Clemson defensive lineman could have only three sacks in a season because the quarterback was already in the pudding when he came to most of the plays, or 12.5 just to clean up after his team mates Wilkins, a regular contributor since the days of Shaq Lawson / Kevin Dodd, has only 16 sacks in his career, but he is one of the boys that exploded in the middle, so Lawson, Dodd, Carlos Watkins, Clelin Farrell, Austin Bryant and others might look like heroes … It's a first-pbad disrupter that played a lot of nose tackle (despite the presence of huge Dexter Lawrence), but it's better suited as 3-tech. Emprano, is active in community service and gets high marks for leadership in the locker room. It will not accumulate catches, so the Dolphins will have to find pbad pins later in this draft (or in the future). But they just picked up an anchor both on and off the field. "

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