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National college football championship 2018: Alabama Preview vs. Georgia, live updates, TV schedule, information

Alabama faces rival SEC Georgia on Monday night in the national college football championship game at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. (Butch Dill / USA Today Sports)

ATLANTA – On New Year's Day in 1980, Alabama got two touchdown runs in the first half of Commander Ogilvie, beat Arkansas 24-9 in the Sugar Bowl, reached 12 -0 and won the 1979 national college football championship just ahead of 11-0-1 Southern California. Only allowed 67 points throughout the season and only allowed two opponents, Tennessee and Auburn, the thrill of reaching the double figures. In the 13,887 days since then, the name of a coach has been placed on top of the national title accumulated in a given life.

It has been, of course, Paul "Bear" Bryant, who won national championships with a team of 11-0. in 1961, a team of 10-1 in 1964, a team of 9-1-1 in 1965 (a shared title), a team of 11-1 in 1973, a team of 11-1 in 1978 (a shared title) and that 12- 0 team of 1979. For 38 years and a week, his total of six has been unmatched. It has always seemed ahead of the five for Bernie Bierman in Minnesota, the five for Woody Hayes at Ohio State, the five for Howard Jones at Yale and Southern California, and the four for Frank Leahy at Notre Dame and John McKay in Southern California.

As the sport gained a bit more parity, with Miami (Florida) as a breakthrough empire in the 1980s and early 1990s, it seemed that "six" might remain intact. It seemed so quiet when a surprising twist of the Bowl Bowl Championship computers at the last minute, in 2003, gave LSU a place ahead of Southern California in the Sugar Bowl that doubled as BCS Championship Game. When LSU beat and beat Oklahoma, 21-14, LSU coach Nick Saban had a national title (with the winner of the Southern California poll The Associated Press), but two seasons later, he had left for the NFL and The Miami Dolphins. [19659003] For Monday night in the Mercedes-Benz stadium, the historical aspect would remain in the game for the title between Georgia, the third seed in the four teams of the College Football Playoff, and Alabama, the fourth seed. If Saban won, his chronic war against human nature and human complacency would push him along with Bryant, not that he would clarify it himself.

He, on the other hand, would probably resort to recruiting as fast as he could, with his uncommon understanding that glory is fleeting.

"Well, I think I'm always looking for the next challenge," he said Monday. "I do not know if it's the way they raised me or whatever, that you're as good as your last play, like your last game." I think everyone has heard me talk about the fact that success is not a continuum, it is momentary and that human nature is satisfying and becoming a little complacent when it is successful. "

Continuing with this description for some more sentences , he said at one point: "I do not like losing."

That seems clear.

In the last 10 seasons of Alabama, the group's failure is the 2010 mark of 10-3, which would get a considerable workout. Sudden increases in many colleges Previously, Alabama won national titles in the 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 season. It also reached the tiebreaker the four seasons that the tiebreaker existed, finishing as runner-up in 2016.

About an hour and change before On Monday, Saban and his team started, and while they were grouped in a scoring zone before getting ready to warm up, the head coach came across a body shake with the saf ety star Minkah Fitzpatrick, one of the abundant players that Saban praised in these unusual years. The former Kent State defender appeared younger than 66. This impossibly driven guy had found his way to another, one more championship night.

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What you need to know:

Who: Alabama (12-1) vs. Georgia (13-1)

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Time: 8:27 p. M. East


Live Broadcast: WatchESPN

Line: Alabama -4

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