Natasha Howard will continue playing as Seattle Storm, WNBA will investigate domestic violence allegations


Seattle Storm announced late on Saturday afternoon that the organization is investigating domestic violence allegations against Natasha Howard, the star of the WNBA All-Star.

"The organization is aware of the recent allegations against Natasha," Storm co-owner Lisa Brummel and CEO / GM Alisha Valavanis set. "We are in communication with the league and investigating them."

From this point on, Howard faces no punishment from either the Storm or the WNBA. Unlike many leagues, the WNBA does not currently have a specific policy regarding domestic violence. Before his game against New York Liberty on Sunday night, the Storm released another statement saying that Howard will prepare for the game.

"Natasha will play in the game tonight," Brummel He said in a sentence. "We are in continuous communication with the league and their research is in progress

Early on Saturday morning, Howard's wife took to Twitter With videos and screenshots of text messages that says that they detail several alleged cases of domestic violence and emotional abuse of Howard. In addition, he produced exchanges of text messages on the subject with Valavanis, the general manager of Storm, as well as Howard's agent. According to his complaints, many of the episodes took place while Howard played in Russia during the winter.

Earlier this week, Howard was named as the starter for the WNBA All-Star Game 2019, which is scheduled for July 27 in Las Vegas. This is Howard's sixth season in the league, and his second with Storm.

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