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Nassar's victim says Michigan State has "a long way to go" to restore trust

By the time the Michigan state trustees issued emotional apologies and promised to do better, the university seemed set to heal the huge breach of trust between the patients of Larry Nassar, his campus and the state of Michigan.

But a victim of the former gymnastics doctor believes that MSU still has a lot more to do.

"What I've been waiting for 18 months is an apology, a personal apology for each and every one of the victims," ​​said Brianne Randall. "And for not taking responsibility for letting this happen for so long, and not listening to us."

"I think they need to reach each one of us."

Randall informed Nassar to the police in 2004 and waited 14 years to address him in court when he was sentenced to 175 years in prison on seven counts of criminal sexual abuse.

Randall went to the Meridian Township Police in 2004, after Nassar attacked her for a After 17, she told her parents and immediately filed a police report, which did not work after Nassar said she did not understand the treatment.

The police report was an early indicator that the doctor was an Predator., but Randall does not expect more charges.

"They did not do a very thorough investigation," she said.

She was one of 156 women who went to the Ingham County Circuit Court to tell the world and the predator on your survival

Since then, the public's response has been fast and strong, condemning the man and the institution.

However, MSU was slow to catch up.

Lou Anna Simon resigned as president hours after the sentence, issuing a statement that said, in part, the outrage was political The trustee Joel Ferguson was indifferent to the possibility that the scandal affected the top leadership, or even was worth more than 10 minutes of custodians' attention during a meeting last week. The main donor, Peter Secchia, questioned whether the parents of the victims chose to remain silent.

Then, sports director Mark Hollis resigned Friday, hours after the trustees meeting.

This time, the main elected officials of the University said they had to repair the damage.

"I'm very sorry, we failed you," said Syndic Brian Mosallam, adding that the board had been "deaf, emotionless and lacking in empathy."

Randall, speaking on Friday as he drove to his home in Seattle, is not ready to say that is not the case today.

"To this day, MSU has not contacted any of the victims," ​​he said.

The university set up a fund for advisory services. However, as an example of distance, Randall said that MSU has yet to tell them how to access it.

"That speaks in fact that they have not done enough and have a long way to go," he said.

The NCAA and the state attorney general conduct investigations into the situation. But years after complaints and a Title IX investigation, Randall said, it's time for MSU to clarify what measures ensure that systematic and widespread sexual abuse does not happen again.

"They are starting to make changes," Randall said. "But it is the result of public outrage and not of sincerity."

The abuse of a MSU doctor was partly aggravated, he said, because "I think our society in general simply has a culture of turning a blind eye". "

However, she expects more from the university that she should have established a structure to protect these patients, students and athletes, and not just connected with this sport." She wants MSU to adequately address all reports of sexual abuse.

The parade of victims in court who told their stories of abuse was troubling to many people.

But what continues to bother Randall is how long Nassar could abuse women and girls, and how long MSU waited to approach him

Randall tried, and she and her mother talked, years after the initial report, about going back to visit them, they were told that the statute of limitations had run out, and nothing could come of it.

Those days were frustrating For her, that was the time when he built his life, he began his career and started a family when he could not let him go. He remained anonymous while the scandal developed, and his Igos had no idea that she was among the victims.

Decided a week ago that he would be among the accusers named. She stepped forward, ready to share her story to face the survivors and let the audience see how it was affecting their lives.

"I always hoped we could stop him," Randall said. "I never imagined that his abuse affected so many people"

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