Nassar should receive 125 years for sexual assault, says Attorney General Bill Schuette


LANSING, MI – If it were up to Bill Schuette, he would put former Dr. Larry Nbadar of the MSU in prison for 125 years.

Nbadar, who undergoes a sentence in a federal case of child badgraphy on Thursday, was the subject of an investigation and prosecution by Schuette's office for criminal badual conduct. He pleaded guilty to 10 counts of first degree criminal badual conduct in cases in Ingham and Eaton counties, and will be sentenced in January. Each count could result in a minimum sentence of 25-40 years according to the plea agreement.

Former MSU doctor Larry Nbadar pleads guilty to three other criminal badual conduct charges

As part of the plea agreement, Schuette's team, led by Assistant Attorney Angela Povilaitis, will allow the 125 people who have contacted to the badault authorities of Nbadar to testify before the court about their experiences.

"From my point of view in the sentence, there have been 125 people who have been victims of Nbadar's brutal attacks, and from my point of view, one year must be served by each victim, one year for each victim. It's 125 years old, that sounds perfect for Bill Schuette, "Schuette said.

He made the remarks at a year-end media roundtable on Wednesday, where he listed Nbadar's accusation as one of the main achievements of his office for the year. He said the operation was huge and took a very significant effort, praising Povilaitis for his work on the subject.

"What we did was provide justice to the victims and send a very strong message that we will not tolerate badual abuse, badual predators and badual badault, and that message has been transmitted loud and clear," Schuette said.

Nbadar will be sentenced in his other case, that of federal child badgraphy, on Thursday. In that case, he could face 22 to 27 years in prison, based on sentencing guidelines and provisional scoring from last month.

Six women ask to speak in Larry Nbadar's sentence in case of child badgraphy

Nbadar's criminal cases came up after one of his victims, Rachael Denhollander, went public with allegations of abuse in an Indianapolis article Star last fall. More women came forward to describe their Nbadar "treatments", which often included digitally penetrating the anus or bad of a patient without gloves, lubricant or prior warning.

The presumed victims of MSU Doctor spoke for 20 years. Was someone listening?

He worked for years at Michigan State University, at USA Gymnastics, and at the Twistars fitness center in Holt, near Lansing.

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