NASCAR makes competition adjustments for Bristol Dirt Race

NASCAR announced Saturday afternoon a handful of competition adjustments for Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Bristol gravel race (3:30 p.m. ET, FOX, PRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio) following findings from the sanctioning body of Friday’s opening practice sessions on the ground.

Working in collaboration with drivers, teams, Bristol Motor Speedway and Goodyear, NASCAR will extend the distances of Stage 1 and Stage 2, add two competition warnings and increase the tire allocation. The result: There are now significant additional opportunities to prepare the track during competition warnings and more opportunities for teams to change tires, all of which should result in better races for the first NASCAR Cup Series race on gravel at 50 years.

The touch-ups:

• Stages: Stage 1 will now end on Lap 100 (previously Lap 75) and Stage 2 will now end on Lap 200 (previously Lap 150). The race will still consist of 250 laps.

• Competition warnings: There will be competition warnings at laps 50 and 150, the exact midpoint of stage 1 and stage 2. That will allow NASCAR two additional opportunities for track preparation and also gives teams a chance to pit. . Laps will not count once NASCAR dispatches the free pass car.

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• Goodyear tires: Each team will receive an additional set of tires, for a total of six (one set used in the qualifying race and five stickers). During practice on Friday, tire wear was higher than expected, so adjustment was necessary.

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