NASCAR Goes Worldwide with Pitbull

By Bob Pokers
Fox sports nascar reporter

Trackhouse Racing announced a new co-owner on Friday. You may have heard of him: Armando Christian Perez.

Or better known as: Pitbull.

After 25 million apparently with worldwide connections and a twitter that ranks him in the top-100 in followers, Mr. Worldwide brings notoriety to the team that co-owns another NASCAR team, Michael Jordan, whose basketball rival could rival, ended more than 17 years ago.

One of the world’s most popular entertainers, Pitbull probably won’t replace one of his signature suits with a team jacket, but just through a tweet he can help increase the team’s notoriety.

The Miami-born rapper, who competed in the race at Phoenix Raceway in March to film with Blake Shelton, apparently has a keen interest in the team and is as active as he can be. Planning to work.

The game’s only full-time Mexican driver behind the wheel at the trackhouse is Daniel Suarez. Team owner Justin Marks is a racer and entrepreneur whose family foundation has committed to using the team to promote the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational program. Marks runs two go-kart complexes, including one at Homestead, through Trackhouse Entertainment Group.

The team is operated by Ty Norris, a racing executive with decades of history in the sport, including Dale Arnhard Inc. and Michael Trott Racing.

“We were on the same page as soon as I met Justin, Ty Norris and Daniel,” Pitbull said in a news release. “They welcomed me and now we are going to show the world that NASCAR is not only a sport but it is a culture.”

While the sport has seen celebrity investors come up with something to lend their name to attract sponsorship, it’s something that has a much deeper potential, as Pitbull is buying in more than a race team, But programs and potential opportunities the entertainment group has stepped down the road.

Pitbull has a history of investing in education as the founder of Slam! The Foundation, which operates several public charter schools, so the team’s education programs fit into its wheelhouse.

“Within the first 10 minutes of our first meeting, it was clear Armando and I share a vision and passion that affects the lives of those who were undone.” “We are creating a movement of positivity and possibility using the enthusiasm of the stage and sports and music.

“Through our partnership with NASCAR and Pitbull, we are going to take care of a global demographic that is ready to inspire themselves, their families and their future.”

What does Pitbull know about NASCAR? He participated in that race in Phoenix. If he has any questions, he can certainly ask Superfan Shelton of NASCAR.

But he also has connections that have strong NASCAR ties. Pitbull’s most recent tweets are about filming on a show with businessman Marcus Lemonis, an active NASCAR sponsor as the owner of Camping World.

So do not dismiss it as just a publicity stunt. Roots are for something big.

Pitbull celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday. He is now a co-owner of a race team. Get ready.

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