NASA's asteroid probe takes an image of Earth from 71 million miles away

It is always a bit fascinating to see photos taken of the Earth from outer space. In addition to reminding you how beautiful our great blue marble is, it is one of those things that stops you in your steps and makes you go "hey, I'm small". Well, be prepared to feel like an even smaller hole in the universe, because NASA has just published a new photo of our planet from a surprising distance of 71 million miles.

The new photo, which was taken by the navigation camera of the OSIRIS-REx probe during its mission to explore the asteroid Bennu, makes the Earth look like a small speck in the vast darkness. In the black and white photo (published below), you can see our home planet in the lower left corner, with the moon just next to it. The blindingly bright white spot in the foreground is actually just the asteroid Bennu, which has been overexposed. The star nerds will also notice the head of the constellation Hyrdra visible in the lower right corner.

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