NASA takes the perfectly synchronized photo of the ISS as "unusual place on the moon"

NASA has published an incredible image of an "unusual point on the moon" not so mysterious.

The photo was taken from Earth when the International Space Station approached the moon.

His "snappers" of space had to be fast, because the "transit" of the ISS took only half a second.

NASA wrote: "Using precise timing, the space platform that orbits the Earth was photographed in front of a partially illuminated gibbous Moon last month.

That's not moon … it's a space station (Image: Nasa)

"The image shown was taken from Palo Alto, California, USA, with an exposure time of only 1/667 of a second." In contrast, the duration of ISS transit through the entire Moon was approximately second.

"A thorough inspection of this unusually sharp silhouette of ISS will reveal the contours of numerous solar panels and beams.The bright Tycho crater is visible in the lower left, as well as a comparatively rough and light-colored terrain known as highlands, and areas of relatively smooth and dark color known as Maria.

If you want to photograph the ISS, simply visit NASA's Spot The Station website to see when the overload will take place.

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