NASA reveals its plan to take objects close to Earth – KPTV

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(Meredith) – NASA announced that it will discuss its plan on the management of near-Earth objects (NEO) that could pose a danger to the planet.

The plan is called "National Near" Land Preparation Strategy and Action Plan "and will focus on how the US government will handle the objects in space that approach Earth.

"Although there are currently no known NEOs that present significant impact risks, the report is a key step to address a national response to any future risk." – NASA

NASA's plan will be discussed and broadcast live on Wednesday 20 from June to 1 pm EDT during a teleconference.

[Click here to watch the teleconference livestream at]

"The document identifies actions to improve the posture of coordination and preparation of the federal government during the next 10 years to address the potential dangers posed by the NEO. "- NASA

[Click here to view the full details of the teleconference]

NASA opens the debate to questions of anyone by using the hashtag #askNASA . [19659008]

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