NASA official talks about India's decision to shoot down a satellite from space

OAN Press Room
UPDATED 9:16 AM PT – Tuesday, April 2, 2019

International Space Station. (Alexander Gerst / European Space Agency / NASA / AP)

The highest ranking official of NASA is talking about the recent decision of India to shoot down a satellite from space.

According to NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, the country's decision to shoot down its own satellite in an effort to show off its military strength was "something terrible."

This happened after Indian officials claimed that the mission was safe and that the satellite's remains would fall back to earth in a few weeks. However, Bridenstine is saying that is not the case.

"The risk, and I'm talking about a small impact of debris on the International Space Station, the risk increased by 44% in a period of 10 days," he warned.

NASA said it has identified 400 pieces of debris in space and can not trace the smallest pieces

Although the level of threat increased, astronauts on board the ISS are now considered safe, as they can maneuver the station as the debris approaches.

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