NASA Mars Orbiter finds Ed Asner’s ‘grinning’ face in an impact pit

This is just a small part of Ed Asner’s face on Mars … can you see it?


I am a big fan of Pyrédolia, a tendency to familiarize human objects in random shapes. Mars is a wonderland for Pareidolia, which gives us a gift Pebble that resembles a robot leg Service The exotic face seen in rock formations. Let’s add a picture of actor Ed Asner to that list.

The HiRise camera team for NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is based at the University of Arizona. The HiRise Twitter account includes a delightful feed of images of the red planet, including a This week is showing a well-preserved impact crater.

You have to enlarge the image to get the full effect. The unusual look is because it is an anaglyph, a stereo observation that helps illuminate the topography in 3D relief.

“Is it Peridolia, or does anyone else see Grinning Ed Edner here?” HiRise team wrote.

At first, I said, “What? I don’t see it.” Then I looked closer. Then I laughed for five minutes straight, so much that my stomach muscles hurt. Either he says about Ed Asner as a martyr, or something about how long I need a good laugh.

Asner is a seven-time Emmy Award winner at The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970s. He has a long filmography as both an actor and a voice actor.

Need some help? Here is my annotated guide to spot Ed Asner in a bearing crater.

Let Ed be the guide to seeing Ed Asner’s face in an impact crater on Mars.

NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Text by Amanda Kooser / CNET

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