NASA launches an image of the Jovian clouds in stunning shades of blue captured by the Juno spacecraft


NASA has published an image of blue cloud formations on Jupiter captured by the JunoCam image instrument aboard the Juno spacecraft . The image was captured from a distance of 18,906 kilometers above the clouds of the gas giant. The region captured by the image is located in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter. Due to the angle of the Sun with respect to the planet, some of the clouds at the highest altitudes can be seen projecting shadows on the lower clouds. The image was captured on October 24.

  Image: NASA

Image: NASA

The image was processed by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran. The JunoCam imaging instrument aboard the Juno spacecraft is not a scientific instrument as such, but is specifically designed to increase public participation in NASA's mission to Jupiter. Those following the mission can select interesting sites to make an image during the orbits of the spacecraft, and then process the resulting raw images. This particular image was captured during Juno's ninth nearby flyby.

The JunoCam was previously used to capture the Southern Hemisphere of Jupiter with a dazzling detail, a pale white storm that is part of a series of storms known as "String of Pearls" ", as well as a mbadive storm in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter.

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