NASA invents tires that never turn flat


NASA technicians in Cleveland have managed to invent a woven mesh metal wheel that has shape memory. So no matter how much wear is required, it finally recovers its original shape with ease. The goal was to create wheels that could survive in the inhospitable Martian environment.

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A trip to Mars is the immediate goal of NASA in the coming years. The current Mars Curiosity Rover faces problems regarding its tires. NASA engineers worked with several different materials and finally came up with this exciting wheel that is versatile to boot.

The wheel is made of an alloy of nickel and titanium instead of steel. The reversion to its original type takes place at the atomic level, which in fact is a modern scientific miracle. This material shows that it is a memory alloy. The wheel is not designed for use on the ground. It will be useful on Mars.

However, the technology that helped spawn this special wheel could be useful in various industries on earth. The work on the wheel demonstrates that the new alloys could grant a series of unique properties to this indispensable spare part.

Humans become restless. Going to the moon is already old. Today humanity has set its sights on the Red Planet or Mars. Using tires that do not drill on its surface will be a novel experience.

Especially Elon Musk has plans to put half of humanity on Mars by building self-sustaining colonies and vaulted cities on its cold surface. Meanwhile, Michelin, which is a renowned tire manufacturing company, wants to use 3D printed tires in its repertoire.

Normally, the phrase "reinvent the wheel" means useless retouching since the wheel is supposed to be an invention that can not be improved at all. However, here also scientists have shown that this statement is wrong.

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