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NASA InSight transmits an incredibly clear photo of Mars.

The NASA spacecraft that landed on Mars on Monday issued its first clear photo of the desolate Red Planet.

"There's a quiet beauty here, I'm eager to explore my new home," NASA tweeted Late Monday, hours after his new InSight landing landed.

The image came after the rover had sent him a blurred photo. The space agency said that in the meantime the spacecraft had opened its solar panels, which allowed it to recharge its batteries for the mission.

"Our Mars Odyssey orbiter called home, broadcasting news from @NASAInSight that their solar panels are open and that they collect sunlight on the Martian surface," NASA wrote in the tweet. "Also in the shipment: this snapshot of the landing module arm that shows the instruments in your new home."

The InSight spacecraft landed on Mars on Monday after a six-month trip to the planet. The shipment that included the first clear Mars photo of the mission was transmitted to Earth by the Mars Odyssey orbiter.

"The InSight team can rest a little easier tonight now that we know that the solar panels of the spacecraft are deployed and recharging the batteries," Tom Hoffman, project manager of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the NASA, which leads the mission.

More images of the Red Planet can be transmitted in the coming days.

Soon, the mission team will deploy the InSight robotic arm and use the attached camera to take pictures of the terrain for scientists to determine where to place the instruments of the spacecraft, NASA said.

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