Naoki Yoshida in Viera and Hrothgar Gender block, lack of new healer in FFXIV: Brothers of the shadow

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It has been approximately three and a half years since Naoki Yoshida wrote a "Letter from the Producer", but he came back to discuss some issues for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers " New races and more.

In the blog post, Yoshi-P begins by explaining why a new kind of healer will not be added in the Shadowbringers Expansion, then explains why the two new races Viera and Hrothgar are blocked by the genre unlike the other races, and finally why we can make the playable characters look younger for ethical reasons.

Check out the full publication below:

Why a new healer was not added with Shadowbringers

Before the Tokyo Fan Festival, many of you anticipated that we would announce the addition of a new healer job. I suspect that this was encouraged by the fact that we had just revealed the weapons screwdriver, a new job in a tank.
When we debuted as a physical distance DPS work, there were many who welcomed the news, but others wondered why no new healer had been added.
After an internal discussion about how to balance the game as a whole, we determined that we should not add a new healer with this expansion. There were three key factors that informed this decision.

    1. Only two new jobs could be added with Shadowbringers – The launch of a new expansion is always accompanied by an increase in the level limit, which means that in addition to adding new jobs, we must add new actions for existing jobs, as well as review and rebalance current actions. With the exception of the limited work of the blue magician, there are fifteen jobs, seventeen with the addition of a weapons hunter and a dancer. While the development team and I deliberated prioritizing the addition of new jobs, after considering our update release schedule, we came to the conclusion that two new jobs were our limit. Therefore, we had to choose certain roles over others.
    2. Only two physical distance DPS jobs are implemented – From Stormblood, there are three tanks, three healers, four melee DPS, three magic range DPS and two physical range DPS jobs. We believe that there is value in adding another physical range to improve the balance of the available roles, so we decided to use one of our two new jobs to cover this need.
    3. The present balance between oilmen and healers – Given that we currently have four dps jobs, we decided to continue developing another and, instead, we added a new tank.

Tanks in FFXIV are often used in a main tank function or outside the tank. However, we currently have an odd number of tank jobs, and we found that it would be easier to balance them by moving forward if we had an even number of tanks, so in the end we went with a weapons hunter.
Also, since we added astrology with Heavensward, we have had considerable difficulty balancing it with the white magician and the scholar. Instead of exacerbating a complex situation, adding a fourth healer to the mix, we decided to prioritize the balance of the three curandero jobs existing at this time.
That said, we understand that there is a strong desire for an additional healer, so we will keep this in mind when designing new jobs in the future.

Regarding the genre of Viera and Hrothgar

As you know, in Shadowbringers we will present two new playable races: the Viera and the Hrothgar. Hrothgar will only be male, and Viera will be only female, a decision that has provoked a variety of comments from each region. I like to work on what we decided to do in this way.

    1. The cost of developing a new playable race – In an opening speech of the Fan Festival, I declared that this will probably be the last time we add new playable races to FFXIV. In short, it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to develop one. I'm sure you understand that a new race will require new faces, hairstyles, bodies and other badets. In addition to this, they must be able to equip all the existing elements; this only requires a mbadive commitment of resources. Each race has a unique frame and body type, so each visible team must be carefully adjusted to show correctly on the Hrothgar and Viera models. A quick search will show that FFXIV has around one thousand equivalent elements already implemented, all of which must be modified manually by our designers. This is an immediate and inevitable development cost that is incurred when adding a new career.
      The addition of new playable careers will have a greater impact than the cost of developing the elements added in 5.1 and later updates. Not only will we make the transition from twelve variations (six races, two genres to), but we will also need to devote more resources to the development of new emotes. While FFXIV We will continue to maintain an important update cycle of 3.5 months, we must also ensure that sufficient time is obtained for the meticulous development of new content, otherwise, the quality will invariably be reduced. This is a complex problem that can be solved simply by throwing more money or people, than it is both debugging and quality control.
      In summary, these are the circumstances that informed my previous statement that this is likely to be the last time we add new playable races; as in this moment, it is difficult to see us update our patch update if we have to account for more than seven races and two genres (technically six races with two genders and two races with only one gender, but this is the functional equivalent).
    2. A significant number of players have been requesting playable Viera – Since this may be the last time we add new breeds, we spent a lot of time deliberating on which breed would be the best addition. Fans from all over the world have shown an overwhelming desire for Viera from FFXII, and we have long been aware of this fact. In fact, we considered adding Viera to Heavensward, but we finally decided that, since it was FFXIVIn the first expansion, we should add an entirely new original race: the Au Ra. If we had to add another race instead of Viera, we anticipate that many fans would be disappointed, so we decided to try to satisfy their request in this expansion. The desire to please our fans is the main reason behind this decision.
    3. Providing a more bestial variety for Final Fantasy XIV Character creation and global construction – After seeing the positive reception of the characters of Lupine we introduce. blood storm, we conclude that, for the long-term health of FFXIVIt was important to implement a greater variety of character types beyond the traditionally beautiful in a future expansion. In truth, we had more bestial characters much earlier, and since this was possibly our last chance to do so, we decided that we should, as we did with la Viera, in order to expand the tradition and the options available. to the players.
      The creation of characters is to provide options to players, and although we do not count the number of people who will use these options, we also believe that it is valuable that they exist, by allowing people to fill the world with greater variety.

Although these second and third points are in conflict, however, we felt it was in the best interest of our players to try and satisfy both demands. We understood that some players would be upset if they could not use their preferred genre, but even so, after much internal discussion, we decided that this approach was the best way to improve the overall game experience.
We were able to implement only male and female Viera, or only male and female Hrothgar. However, instead, we chose an approach designed to expand the possibilities in multiple ways.
As you play with Shadowbringers, you will learn that both Viera and Hrothgar female exist. If you do not meet with any person, we can find a way to address the various problems that are useless for your implementation, and maybe you can see them for yourself. I want to make it clear that this does not mean that it will eventually happen, and that I can not make any promises at this time. I hope you understand us and have patience with us.

Addendum – On the addition of playable characters with a younger appearance

Some of the comments we received included requests for playable characters that resembled boys and girls. Unfortunately, this is a request that we can not consider for ethical reasons.
With each year, the debate around the moral and ethical problems in games becomes more intense, and we do not want to present children in battle or pain, and pose such characters badually and take screenshots, etc. , it would be expressly forbidden.
In any case, regardless of what our players did or did not intend to do, the fact is that if a review committee evaluated that content and determined that it was unacceptable, we would be forced to suspend the FFXIV service. We ask you to keep these factors in mind as we strive to meet the changing standards of the times.

In closing (and with a bonus!)

The development team is working hard to put the finishing touches on what we hope will be our biggest expansion so far. Slowly but surely, we are preparing for the day when you will finally be able to play as Viera and Hrothgar. Those new adventures and more are two months away, but until then, please, hold on!
But before signing, I thought of leaving with a clue of what I personally consider to be the strongest Hrothgar and Viera (and no, this is not an invitation to debate).

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Ah yes As you will remember from the opening conference of the Tokyo Fan Festival, I mentioned that due to the special design of the Hrothgar and Viera heads, the equipped hats could not be displayed.
The glbades, etc., would not show at the beginning either, but after seeing how many people asked us to do something, anything, to solve this after the announcement, the team of characters took it upon themselves to use their free moments to make it possible: tell me Our designers modified more than five hundred and forty articles so that they all showed correctly with our new face models. / greeting
Every day, the FFXIV The development team strives to make the impossible possible. Together, we have taken another step forward and we have overcome another obstacle that we once considered impossible. We will continue to support you as you experience the whole world of FFXIV has to offer

Final Fantasy XIV It is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Releases on July 2, 2019. In case you missed it, the game recently made it possible for players to visit other servers with the World Visit System. The first expansion, Sky Ward, PS4 and PC until June 27, 2019.

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