Nancy Pelosi: John Conyers deserves the & # 39; due process & # 39;


WASHINGTON – Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged "due process" on Sunday before drawing conclusions about congressman John Conyers, Democrat of Michigan, after accusations of badual harbadment, saying the 27-term congressman is " an icon "that has worked to protect women.

"We are strengthened by due process, is the fact that someone is accused, was it an accusation? Are there two?" Pelosi said in "Meet The Press."

"John Conyers is an icon in our country, he has made a great effort to protect women: the Law of Violence against Women, which the left-right now quotes me to praise him for his work in that, and he did a great job on that, "he added. "But the fact is that, while John reviews his case, that he knows, and I do not, I think he will do the right thing."

The Conyers office recently confirmed the issuance of a $ 27,000 settlement to a former staff member who says she was fired for resisting the congressman's badual advances. Conyers has acknowledged the payment, which amounted to a compensation package, but denied the allegations about what it was for.

When asked specifically if he believes in the accusations against Conyers, Pelosi said: "I do not know who they are, do you? They have not really shown up."

She said repeatedly that she wants to see the investigation of the House Ethics Committee about Conyers' performance.

Conyers holds a powerful position on Capitol Hill as a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, and Pelosi defended Sunday what he has done as a long-term member of Congress.

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