Nancy Pelosi has narrow ways of speaking

After 17 years of service as a Democrat leader, Pelosi is running unopposed. But the emerging threat of coronoviruses, paired with the smallest majority of Democrats in decades, means Pelosi and his representatives are carefully counting votes to ensure they avoid any embarrassment on the floor of the House.

“She’s very aware. If Nancy can do anything, it’s that she knows how to count it. She’s counting every vote,” said Remy Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia. “He is very aware of the fact that with a slim majority – along with some members who voted against him two years ago – there is that he should have tried to convince them that it was then and it is not now. We can’t stand. There is uncertainty about speakership. “

On Monday, Pelosi’s office sent requests to chiefs of staff in Democratic offices across the Hill, asking if their bosses would be physically present to vote. To win the speaker, a member must receive at least 50% of the vote plus. All members who vote must be in D.C. individually because the vote for the speaker passes the package of rules that have allowed Democrats to vote by proxy for months before passing House rules.

The aide estimates Pelosi will have a roughly 10-vote margin, depending on what an outstanding congressional race was called for in New York on Sunday. This means that she can lose just a handful of members across the ideological spectrum. In 2018, there were 15 Democrats who did not vote for him as speaker. Ten of them are returning.

Michigan rape. Alyssa Slotkin and Maine Rep. Jared Golden has stated that he does not plan to vote for Pelosi. A handful of liberal Democrats, including Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger and some progressives – including Reps – Corey Bush of Missouri and Jamal Bowman of New York – have refused to say how they would vote. A Democratic Member of Wisconsin – Rep. Gwen Moore announced that she tested positive for Kovid earlier this week and Pelosi’s duties are also concerned about absenting other members due to underlying health issues.

A majority of the Narrow House will test democratic unity in the Biden administration

But Pelosi’s colleagues insisted that she was confident that she would easily garner votes on Sunday. Pelosi told reporters on Monday, “I’m fine” and members who have recently spoken to the speaker say they are confident they will recur.

Pelosi told his members earlier this week on a private call that his only enemy in the fight for the speaker was Kovid, who is familiar with many sources, as it could affect the number of members who could have come to Washington And could vote. While members are not explicitly barred from voting when sick, optics will be another matter entirely.

While Pelosi has a small margin for error, his colleagues warn that the speaker has a multitude of tools to dispose of curry votes, including a huge fundraising operation, committee functions and legislation Which he can bring to the floor.

“He is one of the few, outspoken leaders who can provide cohesion and leadership for the Democratic majority,” Connolly said. “I think she goes into a strong position, but clearly faces challenges in terms of numbers and uncertainty of coronovirus.”

This story has been updated with additional development on Tuesday.


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