Naked women locked themselves in Britain’s parliament in protest against climate

LONDON (Reuters) – Thirty bare-chested women locked themselves on the railing outside the Houses of Britain’s parliament on Thursday in protest against the extinction demanding action against climate change.

The women read a large banner saying, “Can’t bare the truth?” And there were words painted on his chest representing the anticipated consequences of global warming such as war, drought, starvation, wildfires, violence and famine.

Some women used metal D-locks which usually lock the bicycle to tie themselves to the neck for the railing of parliamentary property.

The women called on the government to inform the public about the risks of allowing the average global temperature to rise 4 degrees centigrade, which the deletion insurgency says will happen until 2100 unless countries take action now.

Activist group resumed protests in the UK last week due to the coronovirus epidemic. On Saturday, the Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked two printworks to disrupt the distribution of newspapers, accusing the group of failing to accurately report on climate issues.

On Tuesday, Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Preeti Patel described the group as environment-criminals who shut down criminals, whose “guerrilla tactics” should stop.

“I refused to be point-blank to allow that kind of chaos on our streets,” she said of the printwork protest.

Reporting by Simon Dawson and Estelle Shirbon; Editing by Michael Holden