Naked protestors in spit hood protest in rochester

They are out to expose the vandalism of the police.

Naked protesters wearing dacoit hoods sharply protested the fatal camera arrest of Daniel Dude caught in Rochester on Monday morning.

At least half a dozen protesters created a ruckus and sat in the rain outside the city’s public safety building, on the sidelines of ongoing protests over the death of 41-year-old March in police custody.

Social media posts show them mostly as nothing but spit robberies – as seen in a disturbing police bodymade video released last week, as Nude Prude was forced to wear them.

The group – with some “Black Lives Matter” written on their bodies – remained seated in silence after handing over a list of demands from Gov. Andrew Andrewzo and state legislators, the Democrat and Chronicle said.

He called for a New York-wide policy to stop police responding to mental health calls – such as Prudes – and at the same time ban police from using force against peaceful protesters.

Rochester police have fired at protesters with pepper shots and tear gas, which began taking to the streets last Wednesday, showing the video showing Prude repeatedly naked and on the ground in a spit hood Is pressed.

Police said the protests continued until the fifth night of Sunday, although they were not arrested.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has formed a grand jury to investigate Prud’s death, who was charged with a murder due to “complications of asphyxia” in an autopsy establishing physical restraint, agitated delirium [and] Sharp [PCP] intoxication. ”

All seven policemen involved were suspended last week – five months after Prude’s death.