Naked protesters demand action after Daniel Prude’s murder

Protesters perform naked outside Rochester’s police headquarters except for a “spit hood” in reference to Daniel Prude’s murder

ROCHESTER, NY – Naked except for a “spit hood” in reference to the murder of Daniel Prude, several protesters sat outside Rochester’s police headquarters Monday morning to push for police accountability, local news outlets reported.

Photographs and videos show protesters, some with “Black Lives Matter” written on their backs, sitting quietly behind them with their hands on a rain-soaked road outside the city’s Public Safety Building. The Democrat and Chronicle reported that after a time, protesters were given blankets and left in cars.

A 41-year-old black man, Prude, died when police found him naked in an alleyway on March 23, putting a hood over his head to stop him from spitting, then leaving him for about two minutes. Paused until he stopped breathing. He died a week after withdrawing from a lifelong association.

His brother, Joe Prude, called 911 for help with Daniel Prud’s unusual behavior. He was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation that night, but was released after a few hours, his brother told authorities.

He died on Wednesday following the release of police body camera video by his relatives and a written report obtained through a public records request.

Seven police officers were suspended on Thursday, and state Attorney General Letitia James said that on Saturday he would form a grand jury and “conduct a detailed investigation” into Prude’s death. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Lauren Singleri faced calls for his resignation. Delay in releasing details of Prude’s death.

Police union officials have said that the officers were following their training.

The protesters have sought to change the accountability of the police and the law on how officers responded to mental health emergencies.

The demonstrations continued into the night on Sunday, when police said more than 1,000 protesters marched to the Public Safety Building.

Last night’s protests intensified in clashes between police and protesters, with officers surrounded and firing at activists with a chemical spray that appeared to drive them from the barricade around the headquarters building with pepper balls Granted. Fireworks were fired at some points and a bus stop was set on fire.

Local media said no such confrontations occurred on Sunday night, when community elders acted as a buffer between protesters and police.

The police department said no arrests were made.