Mytus Garrett of Brown called teammates ‘headhunting’ after Patrick Mahomes was injured.

Cleveland Browns star Miles Garrett denied the claim that his teammates were headhunting when Kansas City head quarterback Patrick Mahomes left Sunday’s game with a head injury.

Leading tight Travis Kelsey claimed after the win, Telling reporters He heard Brown players shouting, “That’s what we do. That’s what we do.”

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Cleveland’s defensive end said that was untrue.

Garrett said, “I want to say that there is no head in our team, who is going after the boys or trying to hurt a person, no matter how good he is.” “We are praying [Mahomes’] Prayer and prayers for his success. He has always been a quality man and the way he does stuff for the community. He is a leader on the field that you are watching, especially from a guy of that caliber whom he appreciates and always tries to be a positive force everywhere. “

PATHIC MAHOMES ‘doing’, playing games during the game, Andy REID SAYS

Cleveland linebacker Mac Mac Wilson was the one who tackled the Mahomes on the ground when the quarterback’s head hit the ground.

Wilson and Mahomes shared a moment on Twitter after the game.

Head coach Andy Reid gave a good sign on Mahomes.

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Reid said, “He’s doing great right now, which is a real positive as we look into it. He did all the deals needed to pass and we’ll see where it goes from here.” “I just talked to him and he’s doing well. We’ll see how he is tomorrow, but he’s feeling good right now.”

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