Mystery of Planet Nine: Hubble Data Exoplanet Shows Possible

A planet located 336 light years away from Earth could help scientists uncover the mystery surrounding a large “Planet Nine” on the outskirts of our solar system, a new study reveals.

With the help of data from the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have been able to largely measure the speed of a planet like Jupiter orbiting away from its host stars and distant debris disks.

While the discovery of a planetary nine continues, this discovery of Exoplanet – known as HD 106906B – is evidence that such audball orbits are possible, a news release from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Of.

“This system makes a potentially unique comparison with our solar system,” the study’s author said in a statement from the Space Flight Center at Meiji Nguyen of The Astronomical Journal, University of California, Berkeley.

“It differs very widely from its host stars on a whimsical and highly misguided orbit, much like the prediction of the planet Nine. It answers the question of how these planets form and evolve to end in their current configuration. Has happened.”

The space gas center is 15 million years old, the system said in the Space Flight Center report that the planet Nine – if it exists – could very quickly form in the evolution of our 4.6 billion year old solar system.

Team member Paul Kalas said, “It’s like we have a 4.6 billion year time machine for our planetary system to see how our young solar system is dynamically energized and all in fun Has come, what can happen? ” Statement for Space Flight Center.

The Space Flight Center reported that scientists using NASA’s upcoming James Webb Space Telescope plan to obtain data on exoplanet to understand it in more detail.

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