MyPillow CEO photographed holding notes after Trump meeting

MyPillow CEO & Photo President TrumpDonald Trumpsea chief threatens to resign when pushed to establish Trump’s loyalist as deputy: Azar said in departure letter that Capitol riot threatens to ‘stigmatize’ administration achievements Justice Department argues That Trump should be immune from the rape accused’s trial. Supporter Mike Lindell went viral on Friday after social media users were able to catch a glimpse of the notes he had left outside the White House after a meeting with the president.

Washington Post photographer zoomed in on scenes with photos taken Jabin Botsford displays partially visible notes citing “martial law if necessary” and the “Insurance Act”, a 1806 law that would allow the president to prevent civil disorder and acts of rebellion from military and The National Guard allows troops to mobilize.

The act was last enacted by the president in 1992 in response to the Los Angeles riots after acquitting four white police officers for beating Rondi King.

Another line in the photo notes suggested Staff Chief Kas Patel’s defense department move toward “CIA acting”, leaving the proposal to move Patel as head of the intelligence agency with the Trump administration.

Trump also cited pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who led several lawsuits, challenging the 2020 election results on unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud.

White House officials say new York Times Nothing noticeable came out of Lindell’s meeting with Trump that Friday, which the White House said lasted about five to 10 minutes.

Lindell, popularly referred to by many as “The Maypillow Boy”, has been an outspoken supporter of Trump, especially in recent weeks when businessmen acknowledged the unfounded claims of Trump’s “stolen” elections on Twitter.

Friday evening, Lindell Tweeted screenshot A document claiming to show that Trump won 79 million votes in the 2020 election, compared to 68 million for the presidential election Joe BidenIn the departure letter, which Beidenazar says, the capital threatens to ‘stigma’ the riot administration’s achievements. House Democrats introduce measures to Trudeau to oppose bomb sales on Saudis: retailing in latest sign of weak economy Fall | Fast-food workers strike for minimum wage | US officials express greater concern over operating energy permits to Mexico. according to this Longies by Associated Press, Biden garnered more than 81 million votes in an election of nearly 74 million with Trump.

Lindell also issued several tweets after a pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol on 6 January, claiming that “Antifa is responsible for the attacks.” The FBI said last week There was no suggestive evidence Members of the Left movement were involved in the fatal storm of the Capitol.

Dangal followed a “Stop the Steel” rally on the National Mall, with Trump urging his supporters to march to Congress to protest Biden’s proof of victory. Trump has since been impeached by the House with allegations of inciting a riot that left five dead amid chaos.

This week, Lindell’s Bed Company to continue “Fightfortump” discount code For his products, even after the first recorded election defeat by Trump on the next day of the Capitol attack.

Lindell told the Times and both Washington Examiner The photo notes that were not on Friday were, in fact, his, and he was delivering a message given to him by a lawyer who Lindell did not recognize by name.

Lindell told the Times, “The attorney said, ‘Can you bring these’.” “It was the stuff to help the American people.”

MyPillow did not immediately respond to The Hill’s request for comment on the photo note.


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