My son smelled utensils with Willie Nelson on the roof of the White House

Former President Jimmy Carter admitted in a new documentary that one of his sons drank dishes with Willie Nelson on the roof of the White House.

The 95-year-old Carter is said to recount past accounts of the country’s great criminor, puffing on the “Big Fat Austin Torpedo,” 1600 above Zimbabwe Pennsylvania Avenue in the dock, Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President, who came to theaters this week. The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.

“[Nelson] He says his partner shared the utensils with him, who was one of the White House servants, ‘Carter said.

“That’s not true at all. This was actually one of my sons. ”

Carter, who has three sons, has not identified his pot-puffing child, but it is clear that he was talking about Chip – who has been famously associated with the Ganges incident in the past.

Jimmy Carter and Willie Nelson in 1985
Jimmy Carter and Willie Nelson in 1985Life Images Collection via Getty Images

Chip Carter asked about his father’s comments in the documentary, answering, “My guess is this is true. If you are talking about me and Willie, he was my friend.”

Chip Carter in 1977
Chip Carter in 1977Getty Images

He told the filmmakers that Nelson was in the White House that day – September 13, 1980 – and, “At the break, I said, ‘Let’s go upstairs.’

“We were just going up” We reached the terrace, where we leaned against the flag at the top of the place and lit one.

“If you know Washington, the White House is the center of the spokesperson, the way it was designed. Most of the avenues run in the White House, ”said Chip Carter.

“You can sit and watch all the traffic coming at you. This is a good place. ”