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With Game of Color Expo out of the game this weekend, the event released “direct” VID showcasing games and board games that will be included in this year’s Expo.

This is the fifth annual God of game color expo And this year the whole thing is online due to Kovid-19. The expo officially begins tomorrow, but to kick it off with a bang, the guys behind the expo performed around 40+ 30+ games. Many of these games have playable demos that you download now Gradient convergenceA digital event presented by the Game Devas of Color exhibition.

You can watch the full video above-Which, by the wayWas produced by Kotaku Alumnus Paul Tamayo and freelance contributor Alan Torres – but keep reading for my pics of some of the best and most interesting games from the event.

Breakpoint September 24 is out

It looks like a game Geometry wars If you gave it a neon ax and hammer. What he has to say looks rad. And you can Play a demo For this now

A Shagoof starring a Koragi

Protocorgi There is a retro-inspired shoot’em from Kemono Games, featuring Bullet, a powerful, flying coregi mannequin that can shoot lasers. No release date was given, but we found a video featuring the game’s creator answering questions about the upcoming title. And one is Demo on steam now.

Xenosis: Foreign Infection Next year is out

Part dead Space, Part top-down retro shooter, Xenosis Next year is out And we got a cool looking trailer for the game during Direct.

Museum multiverse VR game is straight outta Brooklyn

You take control of a young boy, who has woken up in an empty museum. As you explore different worlds in the museum, you will encounter different gameplay mechanics as you jump into various artifacts. No release date was given, But you can read more about it here.

Keylocker Cyberpunk performs turn-based combat with aesthetics

We got a trailer Keylocker From indie studio Moonana, showing players from different classes that they will have access when the game unfolds.

1000 deaths Is a trippy platformer


Screenshot: Paria Interactive

If you want to play a game that sounds like every weird adult swim animated show, thrown together in a blender, then you should check out 1000 deaths.

Lucifer within us October 15 is out

In this isometric narrative game from Kitfox Games you play as a digital exorcist who uses an alternate timeline to solve murders and destroy people’s demons. You can play a Game demo On steam.

Of course, this is just pre-show! God of game color expo It runs on Saturdays and Sundays, both days, with events and conversations throughout the day. You can see Full schedule And Pick up ticket On the official site of the Expo. And if you want to know more about all the games featured in Direct, see Gradient convergence Digital event page on Steam, which runs from today to 21 September.


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