Musician Alan Menken now has an E.G.O.T.

Alan menken

Alan menken
Photo: Rich fury (Getty Images)

One of Disney’s favorite creators, this week reached a new level of human achievement Billboard Reporting Alan Menken recently won a Daytime Emmy for creating “Waiting in the Wings” for Disney Tangled: Series With lyricist Glenn Slater. She wins the Emmy, in the daytime or so, making Menken 16th to obtain an Ego – which is for those who don’t know either way, indicating that someone has given Amy, Has won a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, not an Honorary Count Award. The basic concept of an EGOT is heavily weighed in favor of musicians and lyricists, as they are the ones who win the Grammys, but this does not make Mencken’s achievement any less worthy. Just counting his Disney work, he made music the little Mermaid, beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hunchback of notre dame, Tangled, And Very strong man, All of which have famous music (especially) Very strong man, Which was a better soundtrack than all of them, and we’re ready to fight anyone and everyone on it). He even composed the song “Star Spangled Man” American captain, And so far 15 people did before winning the EGOT.

And yet … the fact that it’s a daytime Amy should sting a little, right? Until he wins a primetime (or “real”) Emmy, he will always have a little asterisk next to his name like Whoppy Goldberg and Robert Lopez, who both also received their EGOTs with Dame Emmys. It’s still an impressive achieMost of us can never dream, but it is not Slightly less impressive Compared to John Legend’s EGOT or Audrey Hepburn’s EGOT? Actually, Hepburn’s Grammy was for a spoken word album, so it seems to be like an asterisk as a daytime Emmy. He has actually tried to compose some Disney songs.


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