Music Biz Applause Epidemic Support Package: ‘It Will Provide Relief, Save Lives and Livelihoods’

“We also welcome the inclusion of consensus-driven intellectual property reforms in the Universal Bill. Copyright in the Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act and Protected Legal Streaming Act (PLSA) will strengthen the ability of creators to protect their works against alternative online violations, and promote a safe, fair digital environment, Art is particularly essential in the form of conflict. To avoid an epidemic. We look forward to continuing our work to provide greater relief for the American creative community. “

Prominent among the music and entertainment-focused measures included in the bill is the Save Our Stages Act, which will provide $ 15 billion in relief funding for “live venue, independent movie theaters and cultural institutions” devastated by closures related to coronoviruses. The Copyright Alternative to Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act would create a small-claims partisan system within the US Copyright Office – allowing creators to pay exorbitant legal fees to those engaged in copyright disputes. – While the Protect Lodging Streaming Act (PLSA) will make illegal streaming a hooliganism for commercial gain.

“This is our lifeline, so our industry is in dire need to emerge from a disastrous year,” said Mercy frank, Owner and CEO, board president of First Avenue Productions and the National Independent Venus Association in a statement. “Without independent venues and promoters across the country working to engage our communities, staff and artists, our voice is not heard – we are grateful for those tireless efforts. The career came to a standstill overnight, and people are experiencing personal difficulties, which is why such legislation and epidemics are necessary to overcome unemployment. Our immense gratitude goes, especially, to Senator Klobuchar, Senator Cornyn, and Senator Schumer for securing the future of independent spaces and promoters for generations to come. “

“Recording Academy is pleased that Congress has heard the call of thousands of music composers and added protection for the music community in the omnibus bill,” added Recording Academy chair and interim president / CEO Harvey Mason Jr. In his own statement. “In addition to expanded and improved unemployment benefits and small business loans for freelance creators, the package includes several bills that advocate for the Recording Academy, its members and the larger music community. From the Save Our Stages Act, which is a lifeline For the performance venue and promoter, the CASE Act, which creates an opportunity for younger creators to protect their copyrighted works, Congress has ensured that music creators and acting behind the scenes Let people be supported to support music in life. Hard times. “

President and CEO of NMPA added David Israel: “We applaud Congress for passing major legislation within today’s Omnibus bill that will help creators. The CASE Act provides a fair and necessary path to justice for everyone from songwriters to photographers whose work. Is being done illegally. Also, the Act is the Streaming Act protecting the law. Streaming is important to enforce copyright by fixing the ‘loophole’, which made the law necessary to prosecute rogue enterprises. Allowed to run extensively and profitably without enforcement tools. Now, criminal penalties for illegal streaming will be combined with illegal downloads and distribution. These bills are important steps for the music industry and the larger creative community and allow songwriters to improve their Will allow the rights to be better enforced. We sincerely appreciate the leadership of Congressman Hakeem Jeffreys (D-NY) and Senator Thomas Tillis (R-NC) on these issues. “

Although not particularly objective on the music industry, the unemployment benefits provided for the final package will have broader implications for those who work within it. These include a new round of $ 300 federal supplemental unemployment payments, as well as expanded unemployment assistance for independent workers – which make up a large portion of the industry’s workforce by 14 March 2021. The additional $ 100 weekly unemployment benefit “mixed” earners “- those who earn income as both employees and freelancers – will benefit workers who were barred from receiving benefits under the unemployment program created for freelancers and gig workers Because they were eligible for traditional unemployment benefits.

A notable measure excluded from the final package was the HITS Act, which would allow musicians, technicians, and producers to cut recording expenses on their taxes by up to $ 150,000 in the year they were spent. Board It is understood that a separate effort to pass the HITS Act will continue in the new year.

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