Murray de Cards uses wrong tacos for the first practice

TEMPE, Ariz. – The expected debut of Kyler Murray in the NFL finally arrived on Friday afternoon when he took the field for the first day of the rookie minicamp of the Arizona Cardinals. But Murray did not have the right tacos.

The reigning winner of the Heisman Trophy stepped onto the podium for his post-practice press conference after practicing in unforced tacos. The tacos that Murray wanted had not been delivered to the training facilities of the Cardinals the moment he left the field.

"My feet hurt a little," Murray said. "It's been a long time since I put on the staples, I've been running, the staples were quite new."

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Coach Kliff Kingsbury was not worried about his precious rookie feet and said the team will try to get the correct workouts delivered by Saturday's practice. Aside from his sore feet, Murray said he felt "pretty good" after taking the field for a practice for the first time since preparing for the Orange Bowl in December.

"It was finally good to play the field again," said Murray. "A lot of this process has been just a lot of talks, evaluations and things like that, just to be able to play football again, go out with the guys and do what you love, it was fun."

Friday was a long time for Kingsbury and Murray. Kingsbury recruited Murray as a sophomore in high school when Murray was 15 years old. Seven years later, Kingsbury finally had the opportunity to train the field marshal he has wanted so much.

But Kingsbury was moderate in his initial badessment of Murray's first practice, describing the rookie's performance as "not bad."

"It was fun," said Kingsbury. "We have a good relationship and he knows that I will do everything in my power to help him be the best player he can be, that's what he wants.

Murray felt the connection in the field after only one practice. Kingsbury spent most of the practice with Murray "trying to make him feel comfortable." And it worked. Murray said he was "surprisingly comfortable" with the offensive and communication in the field.

"It was great," said Murray. "Obviously, it's only been Day 1, but I can already feel the rhythm, hopefully we can keep doing this and do something good, do something great."

Murray's familiarity with Kingsbury's Air Raid system, which Murray published in Oklahoma, helped him adapt quickly on Friday, Kingsbury said.

"You can really throw it," Kingsbury said. "He has a presence about himself, I liked how he operated."

Murray self-evaluated his practice with two words: "Agreed." But, said the rookie, one practice was not enough to develop a familiarity with his receivers.

"It was a good day in general," said Murray. "But it's Day 1. You do not feel comfortable with everyone's routes, you do not know how certain things work and things like that, over time, obviously it will get better, we'll get entangled better, I thought, it was a good first day."

Murray went on the field a day after signing his rookie contract, a standard four-year contract with a fifth-year equipment option worth $ 35 million that includes a signing bonus worth approximately $ 23.5 million.

"It was a great feeling," said Murray. "For me, it was like another day, they redirected you and you already feel you have it, but you do not have it, and then you sign and you still do not have it, obviously it's a great day for me." and my family and a beginning of something special. "

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