‘Muppets Now’ Review: Rainbow Internet Connection

The Muppets have been an incredible franchise, moving from TV to movies, then sometime back, even rebooting movies and now dealing with streaming. They could not win the medium every time. Remember something Tonight muppets 2015 ABC “reality” series even less. Now Muppet More of the moment on Disney +.

Miss Piggy | Disney +

The show was in the works before the Coronaras (COVID-19) epidemic, but modern times have made parodies even more appropriate. Muppets spoil every zoom meeting, which you complete with glitches and pixelation, screen sharing, and every Muppet hesitates to talk to each other. You’ll want to pause to read all the comments they type on the screen.

‘Muppets Now’ has a streaming show

The basic form is that Scooter is trying to upload the show. Viewers get to see all the new sketches, which have been put together by the performance troupe. They are webside, if you will, but compiled together in a half-hour show.

Muppets Now: Linda Cardellini
Linda Cardellini on Zoom with the Muppets | Disney +

Some of the recurring segments include The Swedish Chef with Miss Piggy and the cooking section with “Lifestyle (Lay)”. Despite her aggressive attitude towards Pindi, Linda Cardellini appears on multiple “lifestyle” as a celebrity guest. Celebrities are seen having a lot of fun doing this.

Real text mixed with humor

Some segments manage to teach real lessons while they keep it funny. In the cooking segment real chefs (or Danny Trejo) teach real dishes, while Swedish chefs mock them with gibberish. It is essentially a continuation of the classic Swedish chef segment, with a new format of simply online cooking shows and new celebrities. Swedish Chef ends up being the butt of most jokes.

Muppets Now Swedish Chef
Now Muppet Cooking section | Disney +

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In “Muppet Masters”, hosted by Walter (eventually joining as an actual player and not as an obligation), he actually teaches the photography rule of thirds for shot composition. Kermit then photobombed the photos to satirize the phenomenon of a social media era. If there is any Muppet that you would expect to be all over Instagram, you can probably guess which one it is.

Muppets now beaker
Now Muppet Science section | Disney +

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A new Bansen and Beaker section contains some educational information, but it also satisfies the spectators’ bizarre piromania. Modern technology before Bunsen terrorizes a bad beaker.

Sometimes they just have fun

Not all drawings are educational, nor satirical. Some are just random and weird. This is what the Muppets always did.

Karamit and Ruaul
LR: Frog and RuPaul Kermit | Disney +

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So Kermit’s interview segment “Moop Close and Personal” tries to be one on one until Gonzo and the others are interrupted with random questions. “Pepe’s incredible game show” isn’t even about the questions. This is just Pepe overzealous, and he is contagious. Foji’s bad ideas have increased rapidly thanks to the Internet.

Muppets Ab Foji
Foji | Disney +

So the Muppets are back and you can see their new show Disney +. It may take a few episodes to give everyone screen time, but it is appropriate. The ensemble has become so huge, each episode can focus on a few Muppets.

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