Mulvaney takes perch at CFPB amid a legal challenge to his appointment


Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney John (Mick) Michael MulvaneyTop CFPB lawyer next to Trump on Mulvaney CFPB appointment deputy director sued Trump to block Mulvaney as interim leader Republican Senator: We should not play games with duels at CFPB MÁS appointments on Monday he began working as the interim leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Office amid a legal challenge from the CFPB deputy.

Mulvaney was seen entering the CFPB headquarters in downtown Washington carrying a bag of Dunkin Donuts. An badistant of Mulvaney tweeted a photo of the director of the OMB reading information materials in the office of the director of CFPB

"[Mulvaney] sitting in the principal's office", read the tweet of the adviser of OMB John Czwartacki. "Already working hard as interim director in cfpb."


The White House told CNBC that Mulvaney was given access to the principal's office with support from the office staff, despite of the lawsuit filed against him and President Trump by the deputy director of CFPB, Leandra English.

English sued Trump and Mulvaney in federal court on Sunday night to prevent Mulvaney from baduming the interim leadership of the CFPB. He cited CFPB's line of succession as promulgated in the Dodd-Frank Act, which asks the deputy director to serve as acting head when among permanent directors.

English affirmed that Trump violated the testament of the Congress when affirming that it had the power under the Federal Law of Vacancies to replace to Dodd-Frank. However, the CFPB's chief lawyer issued a memorandum to employees who support Mulvaney's nomination by the White House.

The Justice Department issued a memo on Saturday arguing that it is within Trump's authority to appoint Mulvaney as interim CFPB director.

Prominent Democrats, who have fiercely defended the CFPB under the former director Richard Cordray Richard Adams CordrayCFPB protects the Americans from the usurers in low-amount loans, the federal agency sells fiction Ohio Dems: CFPB can running for governor if Trump BAD HIM MORE called Mulvaney's appointment of Trump as an illegal attempt to destroy the agency inside.

While serving as a congressman before joining the Trump administration, Mulvaney sponsored bills to eliminate the CFPB and backed other laws to submit it to stricter legislative oversight.

Mulvaney has in the past called the cabinet "a sick, sad" joke "that should not exist."

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