MrBeast Just sets ice cream money and fire for Rs 73 lakh in viral video

MrBeast’s appetite on YouTube only increases with the day climbing and recently he has decided to spend some more but only to treat himself to ice cream worth $ 100,000 (around Rs 73 lakh).

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast is known for his weird leniency in the past making bizarre yet headlines for the right reasons. The popular content creator on YouTube with over 50 million subscribers, in the past, left an island of 5 crore rupees, bought all the cars in a dealership, tipped off thousands of waiters and random dollars, all the dogs in a shelter Adopted. , Opened a free bank for strangers, bought expensive billboards to support PewDiePie in the sub-war against the T-series, and also planted 20 million trees with the help of his loyal fanbase.

This time, however, Mibst, along with his friends and crew, decided to turn the tables and try his hand at some exotic, rare foods from being a random customer in the new video.

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YouTuber started things off with $ 100 ice cream, then moved all the way to the Grand Finale on $ 500 cheese balls, the exotic ice cream sonde with a price of $ 100,000.

In a 25-million-views video spanning two days, MrBeast tried to include $ 5000 Mac n ‘Cheese and $ 50K beef steak in gold.

But you’re here for the good stuff, aren’t you?

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Did Mr.Beat pay 100 sweets for something that was the following ingredients for ice cream as a cheap dessert:

Each ball of ice cream in the dessert costs $ 100. Topped with chocolate costing $ 500 each. Japenis strawberries ($ 75 each) were dipped in 99-year-old grape juice ($ 20,000). Sunday also included Candid Peaches, a $ 500 appi. The server then put $ 3,000 worth of caramel sauce on the sand and completed the dish with $ 45,000 butterscotch-Apple sauce.

However, this is not the first time Mr.Beat has emptied his bank balance to satisfy his hunger.

Last year, MrBeast sat down with Chandler and Chris to have a $ 70,000 pizza. Other over-the-top plates of food in the video are cooked with extremely rare and expensive ingredients. That video has been viewed more than 80 million times.

In another viral video, MrBeast tried a $ 10,000 Golden Steak.

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