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MPC) Stock through resistance: technicians reach extreme resistance


The MPC has risen + 24.2% in the last three months and up to + 22.3% in the last six months. The price of the shares has risen + 31.2% in the last year. The current price of the shares is $ 65.75.

The technical qualification ranges from a rating of one, the weakest technical bull, to a rating of five, the highest technical upside. This is strictly focused on price and technique, which means that we focus on the movement of stock prices in real time and then position it in relation to simple moving averages. For the technical qualification to be significant, the moving averages also compare to each other.

Technical aspects | Support: 63.3 | Resistance: Stock is through resistance

Golden Cross Alert: The 50-day MA is now above the moving average of 200 days.
As we mentioned earlier, the reverse of the envelope rule here is that when short-term moving averages move over longer-term moving averages, momentum is building up. We have that right now.

Swing Golden Cross Alert: The 10-day short-term moving average is now above the 50-day moving average.
When the short-term moving average (10 days in this case) moves above any other moving average (50 days in this case), momentum is increasing.

We can set aside oscillators, stochastics and any other precise measure of momentum, this is easy to see: Marathon Petroleum Corporation has a technical qualification of five (highest rating) and may be having a technical breakdown in this moment because it is negotiated through resistance.

Now we turn to the real numbers that drive this classification:
Qualification statistics for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC):
10-day moving average: $ 64.36
50-day moving average: $ 60.72
200-day moving average: $ 54.48

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