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Mozilla Strikes Back Yahoo Holdings and Oath

Mozilla has filed a cross-complaint against Yahoo Holdings and Oath, after the latter filed a lawsuit against the browser maker earlier this week for leaving it as the default search engine on Firefox Quantum in the United States.

In Yahoo Holdings complaint, published by Mozilla [PDF] Yahoo states that Mozilla sent a letter terminating the search agreement on November 10. Yahoo put Mozilla on notice of default and demanded that Yahoo be restored as the default US search engine for Firefox.

Yahoo has suffered and will continue to suffer competitive damage to its business and reputation, among other damages, and material violations and Mozilla's bad faith conduct are a substantial factor in causing such damage, "the complaint states.

] In response, Mozilla said it exercised its contractual right to terminate the agreement, and cited providing search results of quality, experience and "the best for our brand" as reasons for its action.

"Immediately after The acquisition of Yahoo It took a long process of several months to seek guarantees from Yahoo and its acquirers with respect to those factors, "said Denelle Dixon, commercial director and legal officer of Mozilla." When it became clear that we continue to use Yahoo as our provider of Default search would have a negative impact on all of the above, we exercise our contractual right to terminate the contract and enter into an agreement with another provider. edor

"The terms of our contract are clear, and our post-termination rights under our agreement with Yahoo must continue to be applied."

In its cross-complaint [PDF] Mozilla said it is seeking payments due from the 2014 agreement. The browser maker said it was taking risks with Yahoo, and was assured that the Yahoo search would receive a significant investment , but that did not materialize.

"Yahoo's Mozilla revenues never met expectations," the claim states.

"If Yahoo had not breached the strategic agreement, the search functionality in Firefox would have been used more and the Firefox product itself had more users, Mozilla could have reached an agreement with a higher price. termination of the strategic agreement, and there would have been relevant search alternatives in the market, including Yahoo. "

Completed in June, Verizon purchased Yahoo's main operating business for nearly $ 4.5 billion. The price tag was reduced by $ 350 million after admitting a pair of hackers who exposed more than one billion accounts.

The old Yahoo business, along with AOL, was renamed Oath.

Mozilla said that when he informed Verizon of the performance problems of the contract, he was told to "explore other search providers".

"Mozilla brings this action … so that Mozilla has access to the money necessary to continue developing and commercializing the new major update version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, and to finance the work that Mozilla is carrying out during this period. critical policy development to keep the Internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all, "he said.

The change from Google to Yahoo as the default search engine came with the release of Firefox Quantum in November, a faster browser that arrives with a refurbished rendering engine, new multi-core support and more efficient tab management .

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