Mozambique: Army investigating ‘horrific murder’ video

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image CaptionThe video shows men in army uniforms surrounded a woman, one hitting her in the head and body with a stick before shooting others.

Mozambique officials have promised to investigate a video showing people wearing army uniforms and resting murderers killing a naked woman in the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province.

The Ministry of Defense condemned the footage as “horrific” and vowed to “ascertain their authenticity”.

Rights groups have also condemned the killing.

Mozambique has been battling an Islamic terrorist group in the north for three years.

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Its military has been accused of human rights abuses as it seeks to reduce insurgency. The government denies the allegations.

What’s in the video?

The two-minute clip of the murder was shared by several rights groups on Monday.

It involves a woman being surrounded by a group of men wearing army uniforms, one hitting her several times with a stick to the head and body before shooting others. According to the news agency report, he can be heard in Portuguese “beating him on the side of the road”.

According to the AFP news agency report, the men can be heard shouting, reports AFP news agency, referring to the jihadist group that has led a growing insurgency against the government since 2017.

“FDS [Defence and Security Forces] The Mozambican military said in a statement that it reiterated that they did not agree with any barbaric acts that confirmed human rights violations.

Zinaida Machado of the New York-based group Human Rights Watch called for an investigation into such acts, if committed by soldiers, to sow distrust in the population and reinforce the rebels’ statements.

“This is the worst case of betrayal,” he said, adding that frightened people should not run away from the rebels, as they find themselves in danger so that they can keep them safe.

Who are the terrorists?

The group – known locally as al-Shabaab or youth – has an Islamist agenda, but they have been creating local frustrations about unemployment, rigging, elections, corruption and violence for decades.

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, militants who have allegiance to the Islamic State group have carried out several attacks on villages and towns in the region in the last three years, killing more than 1,500 people and displacing at least 250,000 people. Huh.

Media captionThe Islamic State is behind the rising wave of violence in northern Mozambique.

However, the army’s campaign in the region to fight the rebels, which captured the port of Mosimba da Priya in the region in August, has been linked to alleged human rights abuses.

Last week, Amnesty International said it had analyzed and verified videos depicting the inmates’ efforts, atrocities and other ill treatment, the dissolution of alleged opposition fighters and possible extrajudicial executions.

But the government has denied the allegations, saying the rebels are known to “impersonate soldiers”.

Cabo Delgado is one of Africa’s largest liquefied natural gas projects.

Exxon Mobil is a major investor in the development of $ 60 billion (£ 45bn) natural gas projects off the coast of the region.

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